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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 17 May 2017

* New 3D printed “ovaries” enabled mice to give birth to live young >>
* First Trailer For Seth MacFarlane’s Star Trek Spoof The Orville Looks Perfect >>
* Launch your loved one’s remains into orbit for only $2,500 >>

* ‘Smart’ junctions fitted with AI technology will react automatically to heavy congestion >>
* A Circuit That Sees Radiation Strikes Could Keep Errors at Bay >>
* Fashion, Faith, and Fantasy in the New Physics of the Universe >>

* Watts is a huge battery that powers your home >>
* The ‘telepathy’ ultrasound speaker that lets you communicate silently with someone 30 meters away >>

* The Pentagon is hunting ISIS using big data and machine learning >>
* Scientists Found Sperm’s Power Switch—And a Way to Turn It Off >>

* Four-story glass doors, ‘breathing’ walls, patented pizza boxes and a two-story yoga room covered in distressed stone to look like Steve Jobs’ favorite hotel: The staggering decadence of Apple’s lavish $5bn Spaceship HQ >>
* Touching moment a virtual reality headset helps elderly people with dementia recall precious memories >>

* Microbes might thrive after crash-landing on board a meteorite >>
* Scientists have found a mysterious ‘puffy’ planet with the density of styrofoam >>
* 12 mind-expanding TED talks to watch if you’ve got 5 minutes or less >>

* Deep Science AI monitors security feeds for masks and guns to quicken response times >>
* Scientists Finally Measure The Strength Of The Bonds That Hold Together Water >>
* This remote island in the South Pacific is covered in 18 tons of our trash >>

* Here’s why you’ll buy your next shoe on Instagram >>
* Synthego’s genetic toolkit aims to make CRISPR more accessible >>
* LG gears up for high frame rate 4K sports broadcasts >>

* Google’s new IoT Core service helps businesses manage their IoT data and devices >>
* The Bizarre Quantum Test That Could Keep Your Data Secure >>
* Do robots creep you out? >>

* Blastoff! SpaceX Launches Inmarsat-5 F4 Satellite | Video >>
* NASA Launches Black Brant IX Suborbital Sounding Rocket to Test Tech | Video >>
* Incredible First Person Footage of a Real Spacewalk Will Leave You Speechless >>

* Physicists Can’t Agree on What Science Even Means Anymore >>
* Internet of Things World 2017 >>
* Ovum IoT Futures 2017 Conference and Awards >>

* Google’s AI Invents Sounds Humans Have Never Heard Before >>
* Gillmor Gang: Doc Soup >>
* Samsung Invention Reveals a Zoom Camera Lens that Protrudes beyond the Display >>

* Heavy Rains Reshaped Early Mars >>
* To Get to Mars, NASA Must Convince Lawmakers >>
* In Year 1 Million, What Will Humanity Look Like? >>

* ‘Archinaut’ Spacecraft Could Build Huge Structures in Space (Videos) >>
* NASA’s Deep Space Climate Observatory Decodes Mystery Flashes of Light from Earth (WATCH Video) >>
* YouTube TV fills out its live television lineup with AMC, BBC America, and more >>

* Dear Class of 2017… By Bill Gates >>
* Plants Can Tell Time Way Better Than You Can >>
* All It Took Was Cat Grant’s Return to Make Supergirl the Best Again >>
* What will the world be like in a BILLION years? >>

* 16 terabytes of RAM should be enough for anyone. Wait. What? >>
* TV networks are kicking Facebook and Google while they are down >>

* AI object! Using robots to sentence criminals is a ‘dangerous idea’, expert warns >>
* Vodafone creates airborne cell site for search and rescue >>
* Microsoft’s Cortana virtual assistant is now a hologram >>

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