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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 15 May 2017

* 24-Year-Old Eyes Bright Future With Invention of First Synthetic Retina >>
* WSJ: Robots Aren’t Destroying Enough Jobs >>
* Human DNA Will Be Synthesized Within 5 Years, Prominent Geneticist States >>

* Can Giant Airships Accelerate To Orbit (JP Aerospace’s Idea)? >>
* Val.ai lets self-driving cars bid for parking spots >>
* Machine Learning Will Help Us Fix What’s Broken Before It Breaks >>

* Autism May Be Linked to Cells that Prune Brain Connections >>
* First-ever autonomously controlled ‘capsule robot’ explores colon >>

* CodeCorrect finds solutions to common errors in your code >>
* Jumping from drones is officially your new extreme sport >>

* The Big Bang is not the beginning of our universe — it’s actually the end of something else entirely >>
* Physicists clash over Big Bang controversy >>
* China Creates National Lab to Lead World in Brain-Like Artificial Intelligence >>

* Developer Creates An Experimental Perl 5 To Java Compiler >>
* This robot helps kids with special needs to communicate >>
* ‘Elderly Alexa’ helps families care for their remote loved ones via voice >>

* WEDJ lets bars and clubs create in-person social playlists in real time >>
* Developers of the MP3 Have Officially Killed It >>
* BackMap helps people who are visually impaired navigate cities and indoor areas >>

* How an Accidental ‘Kill Switch’ Slowed Friday’s Massive Ransomware Attack >>
* Crispr Makes It Clear: The US Needs a Biology Strategy, and Fast >>
* Veggies Grown With Toilet Water Could Be Headed to Your Table >>

* Antibiotic-resistant microbes date back to 450 million years ago, well before the age of dinosaurs >>
* The Amazing Dinosaur Found (Accidentally) by Miners in Canada >>
* CRISPR and the New Biotech Revolution >>

* Refrigerator for quantum computers discovered >>
* There’s a new Sims game coming to iPhone and Android >>

* Google Chrome might never come to Windows 10 S >>
* Cirque du Soleil will use HoloLens to design sets and plan shows >>
* A New Theory for Why Killer Whales Go Through Menopause >>

* Apple acquisition could help Siri make sense of your data >>
* Old Windows PCs can stop WannaCry ransomware with new Microsoft patch >>
* Apple acquires AI company Lattice Data, a specialist in unstructured ‘dark data’, for $200M >>

* Women will love these pain-saving high heels >>
* Google Found Over 1,000 Bugs In 47 Open Source Projects >>
* Three Job Interview Mistakes You Think You Avoided But Actually Didn’t >>

* Las Vegas taps AI for cybersecurity help >>
* Spacex Continues Torrid 2017 Launch Pace With Commercial High-speed Inmarsat Broadband Satellite On May 15 >>
* NASA Tests Origami-Inspired Robot That May One Day Explore Mars >>

* Fish Tank Without Ever Having to Clean the Tank >>
* You can now play with Windows 10’s impressive Story Remix >>
* Pornhub VR Now Gets Half A Million VR Views A Day >>

* NBC uncanceled Timeless, thanks to pressure from fans >>
* Rocket Lab will try to launch its experimental rocket for the first time later this month >>

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