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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 13 May 2017

* Fetal Pacemaker Ready for Human Trial >>
* 50 floating screens will clean the Pacific garbage patch next year >>
* A robot revolution this time in china >>

* Elon Musk’s Boring Company isn’t waiting any longer >>
* UK startup Improbable just raised half a billion dollars to build the Matrix >>
* Why using AI in policing decisions risks racial bias >>

* Hackers Hit Dozens of Countries Exploiting Stolen N.S.A. Tool >>
* Probe of Alzheimer’s follows paths of infection >>
* Asteroid Strikes On Mars Spun Out Supersonic Tornadoes That Scoured The Surface >>

* NASA Won’t Fly Astronauts On 1st Orion-SLS Test Flight Around the Moon >>
* The Search for Life on Mars Is about to Get Weird >>
* Europa Lander to Carry A Microphone And “listen” To Ice To Find Out Whats Underneath >>

* Facebook users will be given new legal right to delete all posts they made as teenagers, Tories announce >>
* Early Earth Was Almost Entirely Underwater, With Just A Few Islands >>
* On-Orbit Assembly Required? Made in Space’s ‘Archinaut Dilo’ Up to Task | Video >>

* Scientists figured out why a giant crack in Antarctica is growing so fast, and it points to an even bigger problem >>
* Moogfest 2017 Update >>
* The Benefits of Old Age (for Transistors) >>

* Today’s Massive Ransomware Attack Was Mostly Preventable—Here’s How To Avoid It >>
* There’s A Massive Ransomware Attack Spreading Globally Right Now >>
* Humanity must populate a new planet within 100 years, warns Hawking >>

* More New Rumors About Doctor Who’s Next Doctor >>
* A non-developer’s guide to all the stuff Microsoft announced at its Build 2017 conference >>
* Why the universe is so dang empty >>

* Photo of the Week: China’s Building a Full-Sized Titanic Replica Because Why Not >>
* It Turns Out Elon Musk Was Serious About His Crazy Tunnel Boring Plan >>
* Weekly Space Hangout: “exoplanets” >>

* A demagogic dinosaur, a mysterious space robot, and other amazing images of the week >>
* This Dolphin Getting Breathalyzed Is All of Us >>
* A Potential Glimpse at the Ships of the Han Solo Movie >>

* NASA study finds first SLS launch should be unmanned for safety >>
* A smart home mega sensor can track what goes on in a room >>
* The Ransomware Meltdown Experts Warned About Is Here >>

* Facebook Groups can now screen new members with a questionnaire >>
* Google Maps for Android adds Street View images in navigation to show your turns >>
* Maybe the Internet Isn’t Tearing Us Apart After All >>

* Virtual reality patients are teaching med students how to break bad news >>
* Bring your idea to life with G Suite >>
* Robotic exo-shorts safely twist old folks out of falls >>

* An Algorithm Summarizes Lengthy Text Surprisingly Well >>
* Your Brain Can Only Take So Much Focus >>
* Microsoft Is Surprisingly Comfortable With Its New Place In a Mobile, Apple, and Android World >>

* Self-driving cars could soon be cheaper and easier to build >>
* Belgian scientists turn polluted air into hydrogen fuel >>
* Simple math is why Elon Musk’s companies keep doing what others don’t even consider possible >>

* New home assistant: family friend or foe? >>
* Physicists Outline 10 Different Dimensions and How You’d Experience Them >>
* Study: Consumers Willing to Pay $4,500 for Fully Autonomous Cars >>

* AI-equipped Apple Watch can detect the signs of a stroke >>
* O’Reilly Artificial Intelligence conference in New York is June 26-29, 2017. >>
* How user stories propel Agile development >>

* The Windows 10 Fall Creators Update’s best new features >>
* Google’ Allo chat app crafts custom emoji using your selfies >>
* Trust a robot to make a Mother’s Day video for you? >>

* Scientists want to use chicken poop as energy source >>
* Researchers find the size of a male’s alligator BELLOW really does matter when looking for a mate >>
* The incredible ‘x-ray’ map of the world’s oceans that reveals the damage mankind has done to them >>

* First autonomous container vessel to launch in 2018 >>
* The 3D printed bionic skin that could give humans supersenses and robots a sense of touch >>
* Dark Matter Probe on Space Station to Be Revitalized >>

* Researchers project solar power may become cheaper than fossil fuels sooner than we think >>
* Listen to Strange Sounds Recorded in a Hole 5 Miles Deep >>

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