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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 12 May 2017

* A Sensor That Could Soon Make Homes Scary-Smart >>
* Noise-canceling muzzle will make you look and sound like Bane >>
* A deep-learning tool that lets you clone an artistic style onto a photo >>

* Drone Uses AI and 11,500 Crashes to Learn How to Fly >>
* Prototype exoskeleton helps the elderly keep their balance >>
* 90-second guide to new Nvidia stuff: Volta V100 chips, a GPU cloud, more >>

* First timeline of a cancer tracks tumours from origin to spread >>
* Microsoft shows off watch that quiets Parkinson’s tremors >>
* NASA has been quietly working on a Mars rover concept that looks like a Batmobile >>

* CHI 2017: Virtual Reality >>
* Mechanical Metamaterials and Other 3D Printing Tech from CHI 2017 >>
* Crispr Makes It Clear: The US Needs a Biology Strategy, and Fast >>

* Language understanding remains one of AI’s grand challenges >>
* Using AI to Detect Cancer, Not Just Cats >>
* Microsoft makes Visual Studio for Mac generally available >>

* Humans can smell some odours BETTER than dogs (especially if it’s wine or chocolate) >>
* Would YOU wear a virtual reality headset during sex? >>
* Microsoft’s design video features a completely redesigned desktop and email app >>

* Microsoft Build’s Windows 10 Fall Update, Story Remix, Cortana hardware, more >>
* At Build, Microsoft’s Vision Of The Future Workplace Looks Both Helpful And Intrusive >>
* Microsoft’s next mobile strategy is to make iOS and Android better >>
* Windows 10 Timeline remembers everything you did on your PC >>
* Windows Story Remix is about to turn video creation on its head >>
* Microsoft announces the Fall Creators Update, the next major update to Windows 10 >>
* The next version of Windows embraces iOS and Android like never before >>
* Watch the Microsoft Build 2017 day 2 keynote live right here >>

* Watery, Neptune-sized exoplanet could help us learn how new worlds evolve >>
* The next 5 years in AI will be frenetic, says Intel’s new AI chief >>
* 10-year lifespan gain for some HIV patients: study >>

* Novel Technique Stamps Out Nanoprobes >>
* Lava Waves Behind Jupiter Moon Io’s Temperature Changes? | Video >>
* The Multiwavelength Crab >>

* Mysterious New Species of Human Discovered in Africa –“Homo naledi Raises Questions About How Humans Evolved” >>
* Toyota is using Nvidia’s car supercomputer for its autonomous vehicles >>
* Rise Of The Super Telescopes: The Large Uv Optical Infrared Surveyor >>

* This freakishly real robot spider is homemade >>
* We Might Have Another Chernobyl on Our Hands >>
* President Donald Trump: ‘What Is Digital?’ >>

* 3D printing could make medical implants in hours >>
* Creepy pizza sign is caught using a hidden camera to scan customers for their facial expressions and gender >>
* NASA’s mission to Mars includes a year-long stay on the moon >>

* World’s Fastest Movies Capture Molecules in Motion >>
* How to Make Molecular Movies: Scientist Thomas Allison Explains >>
* Laser and sound offer hi-res peek into live animal >>

* Gogo’s Wi-Fi now lets you stream your shows in the air >>
* This robotic exoskeleton helps you stay on your feet >>
* Microsoft’s Nadella rallies coders to prevent dystopian future >>

* NASA’s New ‘Space Fabric’ >>
* Scientists create unique disease ‘catalog’ linked to immune system gene variations >>

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