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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 11 May 2017

* MIT teaches machines to learn from each other >>
* Amazon’s ‘Echo Show’ Gives Alexa the Touchscreen It Needed >>
* Microsoft PowerPoint adds real-time presentation translation >>

* NASA’s Mars Plan May Include Yearlong Mission to the Moon >>
* Tesla opens up Solar Roof pre-orders, answers the most important question: how much will it cost you? >>
* Wiggling atom probes buddy molecule without disturbing it >>

* UK police will start using AI to decide whether suspects should be kept in custody >>
* AI detective analyses police data to learn how to crack cases >>
* Microsoft: Mixed Reality Will Revolutionize Work Away From The Desk >>

* A new VR and AR standard would set the bar for rewriting reality >>
* Project Holodeck From NVIDIA Is A Social VR Space With Realistic Physics >>

* Microsoft Maluuba is teaching machines to ask questions >>
* Insects Donate DNA to Unrelated Bugs >>

* The Little Robot That Taught the Big Robot a Thing or Two >>
* A new 3D printing technology uses electricity to create stronger objects for manufacturing >>
* Emotion reading technology claims to spot criminals before they act >>

* Use a Google search to find out where you should be this weekend >>
* Cortana is about to get a lot smarter with new ‘skills’ >>
* Microsoft launches a new service for training deep neural networks on Azure >>

* Windows 10’s 500 million devices snub Cortana, impacting Microsoft’s AI push >>
* Apple just bought a popular sleep tracker >>

* CHI 2017: Interesting Interfaces >>
* Virtual-reality therapy found effective for treating phobias and PTSD >>
* How to Build a Safer, More Energy-Dense Lithium-ion Battery >>

* How Will We Solve Big Energy Challenges? >>
* Everything New Is Terrible In The Latest Cars 3 Trailer >>
* The rise of AI marks an end to CPU dominated computing >>

* Nvidia’s new Volta-based DGX-1 supercomputer puts 400 servers in a box >>
* Toyota taps NVIDIA Drive PX to power its autonomous vehicles >>
* Newborn MRI scans reveal the growth of TRILLIONS of neural connections >>

* Photonic Hypercrystals Are Now a Reality and Light Will Never Be the Same >>
* Stunning View Of The Crab Nebula Just Got Five Times Better >>
* Saturn’s Hexagon Will Be The Star Of The Cassini Finale >>

* TRAPPIST-1 System –“All Seven Planets Synchronize in Nearly Perfect Time, With Three in the Habitable Zone” >>
* “In Search of Earth 2.0” –James Webb Space Telescope Will Focus 0n Exoplanet Atmospheres >>

* Microsoft’s Latest Workplace Tech Demos Creep Me Out >>
* Did Amazon Rip Off the Echo Show From a Startup It Invested in? >>

* The best travel apps to install on your phone >>
* Gen Z Is Starting To Graduate College This Year, With Lots Of Debt And Optimism >>
* IBM’s new PowerAI tools automate image recognition >>

* User’s Guide to Disrupt NY 2017 >>
* A call to 111 will now automatically locate you >>
* Airports may use face recognition to screen US citizens (update: more info) >>

* China to develop ‘modern’ version of Antonov An-225 in bid to launch satellites >>
* Stunning time-lapse that took three YEARS to make shows spring blooming across New York >>
* Microsoft brings developers home for Build 2017 >>

* Which Tech Giant Would You Drop? >>
* Nasa Is Losing The Race To Build A Better Rocket >>

* Will a 3D body scanner help you get fit? >>
* Current is an app-controlled debit card for kids >>
* Watch The Microsoft Build 2017 Keynote >>

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