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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 10 May 2017

* How a Helicopter Drone Could Fly on Mars >>
* The Blackbelt lets you 3D print really long items >>
* Epic Discovery of Gravitational Waves –“Echoes of Hidden Dimensions in the Cosmos” >>

* Facebook’s new AI aims to destroy the language barrier >>
* This Synthetic Bone Implant Could Replace Painful Marrow Transplants >>
* Tunnel Collapses at Nuclear Facility Once Called ‘an Underground Chernobyl Waiting to Happen’ >>

* Physicists breeding Schroedinger cat states >>
* Your Brain Remembers Languages You Think You Forgot >>
* Editorial: Smartphones Won’t Be Replaced By VR And AR Headsets, Yet >>

* Caffeine and a good night’s rest could help treat chronic pain (at least in mice) >>
* The language you speak changes your perception of time >>
* Low doses of weed may help old mice learn new tricks >>

* The next billion-dollar startup will be in aerospace >>
* South Korea’s building a whole city to test self-driving cars >>
* Never second guess if your food is gluten-free >>

* Who needs T-Pain? Waze now lets you record your own GPS directions >>
* Future phones will ID devices by their electromagnetic fields >>
* NVIDIA’s AI may keep watch over smart cities of the future >>

* First Life on Earth: New Discovery Pushes Back Evidence by 3 Billion Years >>
* Merging Galaxies Observed With Hidden Supermassive Black Holes >>
* See Comet C/2015 Er61 Panstarrs At Its Best >>

* TRAPPIST-1 Planets Have No Large Moons, Study Argues >>
* Spacewalker’s ‘Action Cam’ Captures Spectacular Views >>
* Who’s Hiring? (Software Companies) Who’s Firing? (Hardware) >>

* This Machine Gun Robot Will Probably Lead the Uprising One Day >>
* All The Mysteries Hidden In The Blade Runner 2049 Trailer >>
* Amazon quietly drops its free-shipping minimum back to $25 >>

* What to expect at Microsoft’s Build 2017 conference >>
* Prospects for nuclear disarmament in uncertain times >>
* What Is America’s Secret Space Shuttle For? >>

* Repair Shops Are Stoked That the Samsung Galaxy S8 Is the Most Fragile Phone Ever Made >>
* Amazon Just Announced the Touchscreen Echo Nobody Asked For >>
* The Language of Dolphins Could Be Translated by 2021 >>

* US Life Expectancy Can Vary By 20 Years Depending On Where You Live >>
* Apple hints its Echo killer could have a touchscreen >>
* AI Is in a ‘Golden Age’ and Solving Problems That Were Once Sci-fi, Amazon CEO Says >>

* Uber setting up artificial intelligence lab in Toronto >>
* Could “Planetary Protection” Scuttle Otherworldly Exploration? >>
* How you can stop your job being taken by a robot: Researchers say those with high IQs who showed an interest in the arts and sciences in school are safer >>

* US soldiers set to get pocket sized surveillance drones that can send back HD video >>
* A terrifying vision of future cities: Video reveals how AI will team up with CCTV to analyse your every move >>

* Did human-like thinking begin 1.8M years ago? >>
* Would you get a loved one’s VOICE inked on you? Bizarre ‘sound wave tattoo’ >>
* Meet ‘Neo’, the most complete skeleton of Homo naledi ever found >>

* Dress Rehearsal for Armageddon: How Cities Plan for a Nuclear Attack >>
* Vancouver Startup Is Chasing the Dream of Clean, Limitless Energy Forever >>

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