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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 9 May 2017

* Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World >>
* Scientists Figure Out How to Turn Anything Into a Touchscreen Using Conductive Spray Paint >>
* Nanofridge could keep quantum computers cool enough to calculate >>

* Watch What Happens When an Algorithm Tries to Predict the Next Frame 100,000 Times in a Row >>
* Energy Storage Rose From California Crisis >>
* High-temperature devices made from films that bend as they “breathe” >>

* Harman Kardon’s Cortana-powered Echo rival makes Skype calls >>
* Parasitic robot controls turtle it’s riding by giving it snacks >>
* Scientists create a chatbot capable of understanding human feelings >>

* The Robot Revolution Will Take Your Car, Your Mom’s Car, and All the Oil in 13 Years >>
* New trailers: The Dark Tower, Marvel’s The Defenders, House of Cards, and more >>
* GamesBeat Summit Conversations On The Metaverse, AR’s Future, and Hollywood Envy >>

* Astronomers Scan Milky Way for Alien Laser Beam >>
* At this amusement park, drive the heavy machinery you loved as a kid >>
* Most Powerful X-Ray Laser Beams First Light! –“More Than 27,000 Light Flashes Per Second” >>

* Scientists Discover Why Hair Turns Gray and Goes Bald >>
* AI Careers: Skills to Get Artificial Intelligence Jobs >>
* AI is just the modern way of doing software >>

* WhatsApp’s bet on video calling is paying off big >>
* Drug Discovery AI Can Do in a Day What Currently Takes Months >>
* Incentive Trap: When to Launch a Starship >>

* The New Blade Runner 2049 Trailer Is Here and It’s Gorgeous >>
* The Final Wonder Woman Trailer Is Epic in Every Single Way >>
* Flying Taxis Or Futuristic Tunnels Won’t Save Us From The Misery Of Traffic >>

* China has a new jetliner—here’s what that means >>
* only-children-more-creative-less-agreeable-and-its-reflected-in-their-brain-structure >>
* Top Secret Air Force Spaceplane Lands with Sonic Boom After Two Years in Orbit >>

* The TV industry just edged closer to a giant merger >>
* Hadean secures $2.6m to put a supercomputer into your laptop >>
* Self-repairing roads could also charge your electric car >>

* Artificial Intelligence Closes In On the Work of Junior Lawyers >>
* Brian Greene on How Science Became a Political Prisoner >>
* Why Everything We Know About Salt May Be Wrong >>

* Watch 4D-printed object become a sturdy dome >>
* CRISPR enzymes act like Pac-Man to chew up RNA >>
* Netflix and Facebook seem to share a crucial thesis about the future of TV shows >>

* Modern VR Is ‘Like The Dog Who Catches A Car But Doesn’t Know What To Do With It’ >>
* Here’s why your cable company wants to be your wireless carrier >>
* 5 ways to get the latest AI news >>

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