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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 8 May 2017

* X37-B Robotic space plane is back home after 719 days in space, fourth mission >>
* Scientists develop tech to create Wi-Fi holograms >>
* Amazon Leak Exposes Echo AI Device With Touch Display and FireOS >>

* Flying Taxis Or Futuristic Tunnels Won’t Save Us From The Misery Of Traffic >>
* Mind Reading Algorithms Reconstruct What You’re Seeing Using Brain Scan Data >>
* AI-powered trading raises new questions >>

* Why Real Scientists Think Aliens Would Never Eat Humans >>
* Your future devices might not need wireless radios >>
* Walmart wants to put sensors on everything so it can automatically order you stuff >>

* The Military is Using Human Brain Waves to Teach Robots How to Shoot >>
* X-ray imaging and computer modeling help map electric properties of nanomaterials (w/video) >>
* Physicists demonstrate photonic hypercrystals for control of light-matter interaction >>

* China’s New Tool for Social Control: A Credit Rating for Everything >>
* How Scientists Think CRISPR Will Change Medicine >>
* Facebook could launch two dozen ‘TV-like’ original shows in June >>

* Facebook is rolling out a new feature that’ll show you strangers’ posts >>
* The House Health Plan Makes Your Genes a Preexisting Condition >>
* Only 10 Light-years Away, There’s A Baby Version Of The Solar System >>

* Precision typing on a smartwatch with finger gestures >>
* Ancient Meteor Strike Triggered Eruptions Lasting Up to a Million Years >>
* 5G Bytes: Millimeter Waves Explained >>

* Scientists develop device to predict clear-sky turbulence for safer air travel >>
* How Humans Are Shaping Our Own Evolution >>
* Star Formation in the Tadpole Nebula >>

* Are we really ready for the future? >>
* 10 things we can expect in 2040 >>
* Startup Promises Immortality Through AI, Nanotechnology, and Cloning >>

* NO, Kodi Users Are Not Risking Ten Years in Prison >>
* Microsoft is putting AI everywhere it can >>
* Are insects and fake meat the future of food? >>

* This HoloLens app shows how doctors will use augmented reality during spinal surgery >>
* A Chance Discovery May Lead to a Vaccine for Depression and PTSD >>
* 39 Years Ago The World’s First Spam Was Sent >>

* Thanks to this chip, you’ll never have to search for your car in the parking lot again >>
* Amazon’s Expansive Biodomes Get Their First of 40,000 Plants >>
* Your space-exploring Google Assistant >>

* Dark Matter Is the Real Guardian of the Galaxies (Video) >>
* THE HIGHLIGHTS: Warren Buffett talks about investing, technology, risks, and mistakes >>
* Russia’s Guardians VFX Reel Shows How the Man Became the Man-Bear >>

* China Advances Probes to Explore Far Side of the Moon and Lunar Poles >>
* ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ team says why it used Red’s 8K camera >>
* Drone is the first spacecraft in years to use a key Shuttle runway >>

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