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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 4 May 2017

* Facebook will hire 3,000 moderators to tackle livestreamed violence >>
* Artificial snow might save a glacier in the Swiss Alps >>

* AI Xprize asks for bold solutions to humanity’s greatest problems >>
* Microsoft’s future phones might not even look like phones >>
* Lithographic Feature Sizes Reduced to One Nanometer >>

* Brain Activity Detector Helps Study Pain Relief for Babies >>
* Record-Breaking ‘Gigapixel’ View of a Tiny Galaxy Reveals Secret Lives of Stars >>

* SpaceX plans to deliver global satellite internet in 2019 >>
* Artificial Intelligence Could Prevent the Next Video Game Animation Disaster >>
* These mice went from couch potatoes to marathon runners with an exercise drug >>

* This colorful cube grounds virtual objects in the real world >>
* Speak Easy: New videos from the Innovation Group >>
* Abundant Robotics rakes in for apple harvesting robots >>

* There are 147 teams competing in XPrize’s broad-ranging AI competition >>
* New Microsoft tech seeks classroom and market takeover >>
* It will cost you $10,000 to get a first-class suite on Japan’s new luxury train >>

* Hulu’s new Live TV app hits the app stores >>
* Is Hulu Live TV Worth It Versus All the Rest? >>
* How Hulu Reinvented Itself For Live Tv $39.99 per month >>

* New Details on a Wild Chase Scene in Star Wars: The Last Jedi >>
* Paperspace launches GPU-powered virtual machines loaded with tools for data scientists >>

* 130 Million at Risk of Fraud After Massive Leak of Indian Biometric System Data >>
* The Wealth of New Choices With Robot Vacuum Cleaners >>
* Amazon’s next comedy series stars Danny DeVito and Jeff Goldblum >>

* How to Prepare for an Automated Future >>
* Ashish Verma on building the ideal data organization >>
* CRISPR Eliminates HIV In Live Animals >>

* World’s fastest camera can capture rapid molecular processes >>
* Supercomputers Assist In Search For New, Better Cancer Drugs >>
* Combining 3 Vehicle Technologies Could Nearly Eliminate Auto Emissions >>

* NGC 3628: The Hamburger Galaxy >>
* Apple’s iPhone sales in surprise drop >>
* Incredible footage shows the F-35 flying through the famous ‘Mach Loop’ for the first time >>
* Gigantic X-Ray Tsunami Rolls Through Galaxy Cluster (Video, Photos) >>

* Could the US Stop Nuclear Weapons? >>
* NASA Plans to Delay First SLS/Orion Mission to 2019 >>
Scientists Figure Out Possible New Threat to Spacecraft >>

* A Rare Journey Into the Cheyenne Mountain Complex, a Super-Bunker That Can Survive Anything >>
* Microsoft’s Kinect and HoloLens inventor thinks ‘the phone is already dead’ >>
* Oculus Patented New Eye Tracking Device Days After Acquiring The Eye Tribe >>

* Amazon Is Working On ‘A Completely New VR Shopping Experience’ >>
* E3 2017: Everything You Need To Know About VR And AR At This Year’s Show >>
* Epic’s Tim Sweeney Thinks Full-Body VR Scanners Are Just Three Years Away >>

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