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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 30 April 2017

* What will the future look like? Elon Musk speaks at TED2017 >>
* This electric surfboard can move without the waves >>
* DNA-Based Test Can Spot Cancer Recurrence a Year Before Conventional Scans >>

* Scientists Are Teaching Robots to Laugh >>
* TED 2017: UK ‘Iron Man’ demonstrates flying suit >>
* Artificial intelligence shows potential to fight blindness >>

* The nuclear powered Dragonfly drone that could scour Titan for signs of alien life – if it wins NASA’s approval >>
* NASA’s $200M Spacesuit Problem Threatens Its Deep-Space Exploration Plans >>
* Why NASA is running out of spacesuits >>

* Solving Identity Crisis In developing countries, one in three children under age five has no record of their existence >>
* Scientists Transplanted A Rat’s Head Onto Another Rat, Hoping to Replicate It in Humans >>
* Is Eating Late Bad for Your Heart? >>

* Ask Slashdot: Could We Build A Global Wireless Mesh Network? >>
* Artificial intelligence may help diagnose tuberculosis in remote areas >>
* Are We Having Too Much Fun? In 1985, Neil Postman observed an America imprisoned by its own need for amusement. >>

* Video Friday: Friendly Cobot, Drone Swarms, and Robotic Recycling >>
* China Is Racing Ahead Of The US In The Quest To Cure Cancer With CRISPR >>
* The next generation of VR enhancements coming to HTC Vive >>

* The future us: The talks of Session 11 of TED2017 >>
* In Case You Missed It: Mind-bending thoughts from day 3 of TED2017 >>
* In Case You Missed It: The personal talks from day 4 of TED2017 >>

* The O’Reilly Artificial Intelligence Conference >>
* Applied Artificial Intelligence Conference 2017 >>
* The AI Conference >>
* AI and Machine Learning World 2017 >>

* The Galaxy S8’s home button shifts to prevent screen burn >>
* Breakthrough Listen Publishes First Analysis Of 692 Stars In Et Search >>
* New artificial photosynthesis process converts CO2 in air to fuel >>

* What you can do to prevent Alzheimer’s >>
* His Holiness Pope Francis: Why the only future worth building includes everyone >>

* Straight Out of ‘Star Wars’: This ‘Death Star’ Laser Actually Works >>
* No ‘Star Wars’ game has ever looked this real >>
* Moon ‘Logical Next Step’ for Trump Milestone in Space, Bigelow Says >>

* What does your phone really know about you? >>
* Four of the wildest ideas from Amazon’s Jeff Bezos >>
* The average salary for Americans at every age >>

* Portland plans to convert poop into fuel >>
* Elon Musk Layers on the Crazy With His Plan for Traffic-Killing Tunnels >>
* How to photograph the night sky like a pro >>

* Flying cars, Dr. AI and more >>
* Is Quantum Theory About Reality or What We Know? >>
* Is hydrogen the new holy grail of anti-ageing? >>

* Consciousness Is Made of Atoms, Too >>
* Scientists set record resolution for drawing at the one-nanometer length scale >>
* The unexpected ways our lives will change when cars drive themselves >>

* Google is super secretive about its anti-aging research. No one knows why. >>
* “Out of his mind” surgeon plans human head transplant, revival of frozen brain >>
* Coming and going from Netflix next month >>

* Trump’s Wall Is Worthless if He Doesn’t Back It Up With Tech >>
* The First 100 Days: What Trump Has Done on Space So Far >>
* The First 100 Days of President Trump’s Critics Went Surprisingly Well >>
* President Trump’s Next 100 Days May Look a Lot Like the First 100 >>
* Trump Says He Thought Being President ‘Would Be Easier’ >>

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