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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 28 April 2017

* The Myth Of A Superhuman AI >>
* Researcher reveals the math of time travel and says it IS possible >>
* We could detect alien life by finding complex molecules >>

* Google’s Classroom is open to anyone with an urge to teach >>
* Wireless power could enable ingestible electronics >>
* You Can Make A Phone Call With Acer’s Holo 360 Camera >>

* A New Approach to 3D Printing Removes the Limitations of Gravity >>
* Apple patents wireless charging using Wi-Fi routers >>

* This Sick Video Drone Is the Future of Inescapable Advertising >>
* Brains of people in the same group are in sync >>
* With Secret Airship, Sergey Brin Also Wants to Fly >>

* Elon Musk’s massive tunneling machine revealed >>
* Researchers Probe Viability of Amino Acids in Alien Environments >>
* Does mind hack tech mean your brain needs its own legal rights >>

* Summer Movie Preview: 37 Movies to Watch Out For >>
* What Happens To Summer TV Binges If Hollywood Writers Strike >>
* Why every mammal (including humans), takes 12 seconds to poop >>

* Bubble of Spacetime –“A ‘Time Machine’ That Moves Greater Than Speed of Light Allowing It to Travel Back and Forward in Time” >>
* The Future of Big Data: Distilling Less Knowledge Per Bit >>
* What Bullets Do To Bodies >>

* Cassini’s Journey into the Unknown: NASA Engineer Talks Saturn Risks & Rewards (Video) >>
* NASA Returns First RED Camera From Orbit, Demos First Live 4K Video From Space >>
* On Saturn’s Moon Titan, Twilight Outshines Daylight >>

* Lsd Microdoses Make People Feel Sharper, And Scientists Want To Know How >>
* Google launches a virtual reality artwork gallery on the web >>

* Europe & China Discuss Moonbase Partnership >>
* AI Medicine Comes to Africa’s Rural Clinics >>
* Software Start-Ups Aim to Automate Bio Labs >>

* AI will upload and access our memories, predicts Siri co-inventor >>
* Robotic Construction Platform Creates Large Buildings on Demand >>
* Amazon Echo Look uses a camera and AI to judge your outfit, sell you stuff >>

* Mind and meaning: The talks of Session 5 of TED2017 >>
* At TED, BMW i announces a search for mobility visionaries >>
* In-depth conversations in a special session at TED2017 >>

* Xbox Chief: We Need To Create a Netflix of Video Games >>
* The Breast Pump Finally Joins the 21st Century >>
* Autonomous robot 3D printers like this could help build homes for us on other planets >>

* New algorithms are able to diagnose disease as accurately as expert physicians. >>
* 3-D printing offers new approach to making buildings >>
* 550,000 year old Neanderthal DNA is discovered in caves without any signs of bones in discovery that could shed new light on human evolution >>

* How we perceive the world is based on what our brains expect to see >>
* Brain science needs your help, so play this game >>
* US military bosses reveal radical plan to hack soldier’s brains to give them superhuman capabilities >>

* The AI that could decode what dolphins say >>
* Humanity could face a ‘gorilla problem’ as AI evolves to become smarter than us >>

* For first time, researchers measure forces that align crystals and help them snap together >>
* ARM designed an image signal processor, and that’s a big deal >>
* Facebook’s Messenger Lite app launches in 150 more countries today >>

* NASA is running out of space suits — and it’s years away from having new ones ready >>
* Starbreeze Reveals New StarVR Experiences At Today’s Acer Event >>
* Hands On: Tracking The Progress With Acer’s Development Edition Windows VR Headset >>

* Tilt Brush Launches Social Platform And Pro Features >>

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