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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 26 April 2017

* Artificial womb helps premature lamb fetuses grow for 4 weeks >>
* AI learns to play video game from instructions in plain English >>
* Google self-driving cars will finally take passengers >>

* Google’s next trick for Android is ‘copyless pasting’ >>
* There Will Always Be Limits to How Creative a Computer Can Be >>
* A fleet of driverless cars will travel from London to Oxford in 2019 >>

* Billionaire Jack Ma Says CEOs Could Be Robots in 30 Years, Warns of Decades of ‘Pain’ From AI >>
* World’s First Vaccine Against Malaria To Arrive Next Year >>
* WhatsApp just added an important feature for Siri >>

* Google Translate now understands more Indian languages >>
* How the brain predicts speech: Key region found that could help create accurate mind-reading devices >>

* AI report fed by DeepMind, Amazon, Uber urges greater access to public sector data sets >>
* The 3-D Printer That Could Finally Change Manufacturing >>
* Elon Musk’s gamble on automated assembly lines for Tesla’s Model 3 is ‘risky’, experts warn >>

* The first IMAX VR arcade is a huge hit—and I can see why >>
* Google’s next-gen VR camera was designed for seamless video >>
* Why you can’t (yet) shake hands with a robot: Experts admit recreating the human hand is holding back the rise of the roboworkers >>

* ‘A Moment in Time’ shows the charming potential of art in VR >>
* A 3D-printed patch could help you recover from a heart attack >>
* Scientists create radical artificial photosynthesis system that can clean polluted air and produce energy >>

* Uber announces partners in its master plan for flying cars >>
* MIT NEWDIGS hosts design lab on new gene and oncology therapy financing models >>
* Wilson’s Heart review: Not a perfect virtual reality game, but certainly the best so far >>

* What it would actually take to get to Mars by 2020 >>
* Watch This Stabby Robot Play the Knife Game With a Human Hand >>
* Will Amber Heard and Elon Musk Die on Mars Together? >>

* Amazon’s driverless tech team focuses not on building it, but on how to use it >>
* Man turned his prosthetic eye into a tiny camera and it’s mind-boggling >>
* Creepy AI can clone anyone’s voice with just ONE minute of audio >>

* Imagine the future of ourselves: Notes from TED Fellows Session 1 at TED2017 >>
* Who wins evolution? TED Fellows speak at TED2017 >>
* “Humans must face our fears”: Garry Kasparov speaks at TED2017 >>

* The AI Summit San Francisco >>
* The first 2D microprocessor — based on a layer of just 3 atoms >>
* A shortage of women in technology? Not in Russia >>

* How to blind an AI: Researchers warn patterns could be used by hackers to stop self-driving cars from spotting pedestrians or hide crimes on CCTV >>
* IBM’s Watson AI to help Wall Street firms catch rogue traders >>

* Graphene Makes Infinite Copies of Compound Semiconductor Wafers >>
* Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Tries Something Different, and Still Ends Up Being Awesome >>
* This personal helicopter would make commuting to work way more adventurous >>

* Kitty Hawk’s Flyer isn’t the flying car you were promised >>
* First look at Larry Page’s flying car project >>
* Honda Will Do Nearly Anything to Get You in a Hydrogen Car >>

* Tesla’s Model 3 production plans said to include a risky manufacturing move >>
* Why Some People Are Born Anxious >>
* Netflix to raise $1 billion in foreign debt financing for content and more >>

* Running with an AI ‘personal trainer’ is fun, but expensive >>
* Trump’s About-Face on WikiLeaks Sums Up Why He’s So Untrustworthy >>
* All the Shit That Happened in North Korea While You Were Asleep >>

* Radical experiments analyse how extreme environments on Mars, Enceladus and Europa may have led to extraterrestrial life >>
* Google’s AI could kill off cut and paste by predicting what you want to do >>

* DNA test may miss some disease-causing genes >>
* Are you a chocoholic? Blame your DNA: Scientists discover gene variant that affects how the brain reacts to junk food >>
* Meet Steve, A Most Peculiar Aurora >>

* Sun’s Magnetic Shield May Be a Bubble, Not Comet-Shaped >>
* China’s Cargo Craft Docks with Space Lab >>
* India Is Winning Its War on Human Waste >>

* AI’s PR Problem >>
* Will We Ever Get a Better Male Contraceptive? >>
* Star Wars: Episode IX Moves To 24 May 2019 >>

* Behold the James Webb Telescope in all Its Unfurled Glory >>
* Marissa Mayer Set to Receive $186 Million for Failing Because This Is How Corporate America Works >>
* NASA Is Developing 3D-Printed Chain Mail to Protect Ships and Astronauts >>

* Talkdesk launched an app store for enterprise call center customers >>
* Waymo opens up pilot program for its self-driving cars in Phoenix, Arizona >>
* XPrize winner says its Tricorder is better than ‘Star Trek’ >>

* Iris Scans Come to Nursing Homes. Next Stop, Your Phone >>
* Nissan signs up to Mobileye’s crowdsourced real-time maps for autonomous cars >>
* Vodafone’s failed TV ambitions are costing it dearly >>

* Netflix enters China via licensing deal with top video streaming service iQiyi >>
* How virtual reality is helping patients alleviate their pain >>
* 20 Tech Visionaries Who Are Creating The Future >>

* How Gut Bacteria Tell Their Hosts What to Eat >>
* Algorithm predicts epileptic seizures in real-time >>
* Breakthrough Listen Data Becoming Available >>

* Most Exciting Exoplanet We’ve Seen in the Last 10 Years >>
* Scientists Search for Amino Acids That Might Form the Basis of Extraterrestrial Life >>

* Building a Telepresence App with HoloLens and Kinect >>
* The Race To Build An AI Chip For Everything Just Got Real >>
* McKinsey: AI, jobs, and workforce automation >>

* Facebook’s latest drone delivers internet during a disaster >>
* A Prototype Of A Flying Car Had Its Maiden Voyage, And It’s… Not Quite What We Imagined >>
* IMAX LA VR Theater Sees 20,000 Visitors, New Location Coming To New York >>

* Google Has A New VR Camera And A ‘Roadmap’ For Answering Facebook >>
* Preorders Now Open For Insta360’s 8K VR Camera >>

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