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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 20 April 2017

* Facebook’s latest drone delivers internet during a disaster; Tether-antenna’ helicopter >>
* In Facebook’s Future, You Live Through Your Phone >>
* Asteroid Misses Earth Narrowly, by Cosmic Standards >>

* Facebook will license its new 360 cameras that capture in six degrees of freedom >>
* AI Isn’t Smart Enough (Yet) to Spot Horrific Facebook Videos >>
* Facebook’s first social VR app is cool — but there’s a problem >>

* Oculus’ Michael Abrash Says ‘Full’ AR Is ‘At Least 5 Years’ Away >>
* Alphabet seeks 10,000 volunteers — and their health data — for a massive medical study >>

* Our machines now have knowledge well never understand >>
* Scientists Invent Ultrasonic Dryer That Uses Sound To Dry Your Clothes >>
* World’s biggest airliner – pictured rearing up from its moorings just months after crashing on test flight >>

* Just 100 ‘Gigafactories’ could power the ENTIRE world with sustainable energy >>
* Watch Big Asteroid 2014 JO25 Tumble In New Radar Imagery | Video >>
* Enormous iceberg causes tourists flock to tiny Newfoundland town >>

* ‘Negative mass’ created at Washington State University >>
* Cern Declares War On The Standard Model >>
* Antarctica is leaking from the inside out >>

* Malaysia Airlines: First Major Airline To Use Satellite Technology To Track Own Fleet >>
* Augmented reality could slow down the loss of jobs to robots — here’s how >>
* Facebook’s millimeter-wave radio tech hits new bandwidth records >>

* Tiny reflective implant could test eye pressure >>
* A New Exoplanet May Be Most Promising Yet in Search for Life >>

* New super-sized Earth may be close enough to detect signs of life >>
* TRAPPIST-1 Has Some Serious New Competition For Best Place to Find Aliens >>

* Here’s The First Look At Syfy’s Krypton Show >>
* Las Vegas Is Installing Drug Needle Vending Machines >>
* TED Wants To Remind Us That Ideas — Not Politicians — Shape the Future >>

* SnapLogic’s AI simplifies enterprise software connections >>
* A Bottle That Grows On You >>
* Facebook’s augmented future could involve brain implants, but it’s not ‘1984’ yet >>

* This Robot Baby Factory Is the Stuff of Nightmares >>
* Watch Facebook’s F8 keynote in under 10 minutes >>
* The five best exoplanets in the galaxy to check for alien life >>

* Small Satellites Could Be Playing A Dangerous Game Of Bumper Cars In Space >>
* How to protect your smartphone privacy >>
* This Browser Extension Will Help You Read Paywalled Science Papers for Free >>

* All the Best Movies Coming to and Leaving Netflix In May 2017 >>
* How Facebook’s Hardware Lab Helped Build The VR Industry’s Most Advanced Camera >>

* Facebook Is Going All In on Augmented Reality >>
* Secretive X-37B Military Space Plane Marks 700 Days in Orbit >>
* Has Intel Invented a Universal Memory Tech? >>

* Toyota’s Still Serious About Hydrogen—It Built a Semi to Prove It >>
* Wozniak Predicts Google, Facebook Still Vital in 2075 >>
* Blood from human babies make brains of elderly mice young again >>

* 1,000-mph winds, shock waves deadliest effects of asteroid strike >>
* The new Google Earth will blow your mind >>
* IBM revenue has fallen for 20 quarters — but it used to run its business very differently >>

* 53 movies you need to see in your lifetime >>
* Facebook Announces 360 Capture SDK To Record And Share VR Experiences With Cube Mapping >>
* Can Parents Sue If Their Kid Is Born With The ‘Wrong’ DNA? >>

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