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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 18 April 2017

* Berlin Startup Holoplot Tests Steerable Sound in German Train Stations >>
* Facebook Streams a Murder, and Must Now Face Itself >>
* The Last Person Born in the 19th Century Died >>

* Deep sea tourism could become a thing soon >>
* What To Expect At Facebook’s 2017 F8 Developer Conference >>
* Two Million Stars on the Move >>

* An anti-drone squad will now police prisons in the U.K. >>
* To Get Consumers to Trust AI, Show Them Its Benefits >>
* ‘Breakthrough’ LI-RAM Material Can Store Data With Light >>

* A Chip Revolution Will Bring Better VR Sooner Than You Think >>
* Facebook’s Instant Articles promised to transform journalism — but now big publishers are fleeing >>
* The Woman Whose Phone ‘Misdiagnosed HIV’ >>

* Researchers simulate walls in VR by shocking your muscles >>
* Smart bandages will use 5G data to track your health >>
* The AI that could warn you if your wife is having a bad day >>

* AI app lets you create personalities for ‘smart’ silicone dolls that bond with humans >>
* Mattel’s New AI Will Help Raise Your Kids >>
* LSD Deactivates the Brain’s Fear Center, Study Finds >>

* Tech Roundup: A Busy Week to Come >>
* Facebook’s future will blend physical and digital worlds >>

* Scientists Create ‘Negative Mass’ –“Will Help Explore More Challenging Concepts of the Cosmos” >>
* How AI is transforming the future of fintech >>
* CubeSats – Small Spacecraft Tech Explained by NASA | Video >>

* Saturn Moon Titan’s ‘Electric Sand’ Would Make Super Castles >>
* Proxima Mission: Fine-Tuning the Photogravitational Assist >>
* The Saddest Facebook Live Video Is 20 People Kissing a Car >>

* AAA Is Planning For A Future Where We Don’t Own Cars–Starting With A Car-Share >>
* Mark Hamill Had a Great Idea for Getting Luke and Han Together in The Force Awakens >>

* New York’s Taxi commission to propose in-app tipping requirement for Uber >>
* Intel scraps annual IDF event as it looks beyond PCs >>
* On-Board Cams Deliver Awesome Views of Rocket Landing Test | Video >>

* How Running a Marathon Puts Your Body Through Hell >>
* How Self-Managed Teams Can Resolve Conflict >>
* Sorry, Facebook, but social VR will never be a thing >>

* India’s food voucher space has a new entrant, a digital one >>
* Turns Out, a Horrifying Number of People Use Their Phones While Driving >>
* Supercomputers Help Researchers Find Two New Kinds Of Magnets >>

* Is this the iPhone 8? >>
* SpaceX reveals Hyperloop ‘drag race’ will take place in August >>
* We Must Track How Technology Is Changing Work >>

* Google dismisses claims its new recruitment tool will let employers snoop on your ENTIRE search history >>
* More than 8 million people in the US have mental health problems >>
* Netflix’s earnings make for dramatic content >>

* 3D-printed patch can help mend ‘broken’ hearts >>
* Machine learning driving innovation at Amazon >>
* 5 Unresolved Issues Facing Robo-cars >>

* Roboze One 3D Printer, Now Capable of 3D Printing with 10 Materials >>
* 3D Printing Helps a Man Grow a New Ear on His Arm >>
* Researchers invent a way to transmit drinks over the Internet >>

* This color-shifting lizard’s skin morphs just as Alan Turing predicted >>
* Flying EYE Is A 360-Drone That Broadcasts In 6K Resolution >>
* F8 2017: 5 Oculus Reveals We Want To See This Week >>

* The Journey to Mars has a price tag $450 billion >>

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