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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 17 April 2017

* Wozniak’s world in 2075: ‘bigger’ Apple, Google, Facebook — and we’ll be living in deserts >>
* AI can predict heart attacks more accurately than doctors >>
* This ‘edible water bottle’ could put an end to plastic packaging >>

* The future of jobs: More men doing ‘women’s work’ >>
* SpaceX is taking SpaceVR’s cameras into orbit to deliver the astronaut experience to everyone through VR >>
* Why go on safari when you can feed an African lion live, via VR >>

* Species Split When Mountains Rise >>
* The end of FM radio >>
* NASA Satellite Will Watch Earth Breathe from Space >>

* Brothers Win XPrize for “Star Trek”-Inspired Tricorder >>
* Earth Shadow over Damavand >>
* Russia adds gun slinging to its humanoid space robot’s list of helpful skills >>
* Exercise improves your VISION: Low-intensity workouts boost the part of the brain that processes information >>

* Drinking gin can speed up your metabolism, study finds >>
* Could phones change the way our spines curve? Scientists warn an entire generation is plagued by ‘text neck’ >>
* AI Programs Exhibit Racial and Gender Biases, Research Reveals >>

* Randomness peaks when you’re in your 20s, study finds >>
* How will future cars stay up-to-date? Make them open like a PC >>

* Apple gets the OK to test autonomous cars in California >>
* Microsoft Says US Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Requests More Than Doubled >>
* Classic puzzle-platformer ‘Fez’ is coming to iOS >>

* Komodo Dragons may hold the key to fighting infections >>
* Trump administration is killing its open data portal >>
* GM plans to deploy hundreds of autonomous vehicles across the country for testing >>

* The Great Japan Potato-Chip Crisis: Panic Buying, $12 Bags >>
* SpaceX announces date for second Hyperloop pod competition >>
* Robert Taylor, Innovator Who Shaped Modern Computing, Dies at 85 >>

* SS John Glenn To Debut As World’s 1st Live 360 Degree Video Of Rocket Launch April 18 >>
* The Crisis of Attention Theft—Ads That Steal Your Time for Nothing in Return >>
* Final design for Light’s insane 16-lens camera >>

* WTF is ‘80% lean’ ground beef, and why should I care? >>
* BARC scientists develop cancer drugs from Rampatri >>

* The world’s oldest person has died at 117 >>
* Space Agency Heads See the Moon on the Path to Mars >>
* Doctor Who: The Pilot, series 10 episode 1: a lovely start to the new season >>

* Lander Designed for Titan’s Methane Seas Tests Tech on Chilean Lake >>
* Researchers Image Dark Matter Bridge Between Galaxies >>
* NASA’s “Ocean Worlds” Discovery –Reveals Giant Geysers of Saturn’s Moon Enceladus as Prime Potential Life Habitat >>

* NASA Announcement: Enceladus Has Hydrogen Energy Source for Life | Video >>
* Luminous Salar de Uyuni https://apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap170415.html >>
* In the U.S., Flying Drones Out of Sight Is Still Out of Mind >>
* 5 Things You Missed: AI Algorithms Are Biased, They Know What You’re Watching, and More >>

* Neuron-recording nanowires could help screen drugs for neurological diseases >>
* Video Friday: Volleyball Robots, Bioinspired Design, and Deep Robotic Learning >>
* How to condense water out of air using only sunlight for energy >>

* The bunker-busting nuclear bomb that almost was >>
* 23andMe Is Selling Your Data, But Not How You Think >>
* Look at the Profound Difference Between California’s Drought and California Today >>

* 15 Idiotic Internet of Things Devices Nobody Asked For >>
* This Ball-Balancing Segway Clone Uses Physics to Safely Scoot You Around >>
* Elon Musk Wants Fully Reusable Rockets—But That Won’t Be So Easy >>

* The Glorious First Trailer For Star Wars: The Last Jedi Is Here >>
* These The Last Jedi Set Pics From Director Rian Johnson Are Amazing >>
* Everything The Last Jedi Trailer Reveals About The Future of Rey, Luke And The Star Wars Galaxy >>
* The Last Jedi Will Be Carrie Fisher’s Final Star Wars Film After All >>
* Star Wars Battlefront II Will Tell a Canon Story of Imperial Revenge (and Have Last Jedi DLC) >>
* Touching Tribute to Carrie Fisher at Star Wars Celebration | Video >>
* Star Wars at 40: ‘I’ll miss Carrie Fisher,’ says Harrison Ford >>

* Fast-Forward Through Two Years of Stunning Seasonal Changes With This Drone Timelapse >>
* Apple Is Buying All The Good Trees For Its New Campus, And The Tree People Are Fighting Back >>
* Smart running shoes won’t make you faster, but they could help you avoid getting hurt >>

* Recommended Reading: Technology hasn’t improved the airline experience >>
* Genetically Modified Humans Are Pure Fiction—But Not for Long >>
* GM aims to put 300 more self-driving Chevy Bolts on the road >>

* North Korea Probably Can’t Strike the US Yet—But It’s Still Plenty Scary >>
* Weekly Space Hangout – April 14, 2017: Brad Peterson And Luvoir >>
* Good news: the robot that takes your job might be cute enough to go viral >>

* Nasa Releases Spellbinding Images Of Earth At Night >>
* Robot Ray Swims Using High-Voltage Artificial Muscles >>
* Emulate the Golden Age of the Macintosh Thanks to the Internet Archive >>

* This next level electric skateboard might make you never want to walk again >>
* Circuit programs human cells to add and subtract >>
* The Possibility of Silicon-Based Life Grows >>

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