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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 14 April 2017

* It’s official: Saturn’s moon has just about everything you need to make life >>
* A Cow-llision Alert System for Driving in India >>
* Here’s why the ‘mother of all bombs’ exploded 6 feet above its target in Afghanistan >>

* Solar-Powered Device Pulls Water Out of Thin (And Pretty Dry) Air >>

* For First Time We Have the Technology to Observe Milky Way’s Supermassive Black Hole — “Can Spot a Golf Ball On the Moon” >>
* We know What You’re Watching (Even If It’s Encrypted) >>
* AI Learns Gender and Racial Biases from Language >>

* Hydrostor Building Underground Caverns For Affordable Compressed-Air Energy Storage >>
* 5 Neuroscience Experts Weigh in on Elon Musk’s Mysterious “Neural Lace” Company >>

* Pirate Bay Founder: ‘I Have Given Up’ >>
* Japan’s volleyball team test their spikes against robot blockers >>
* AI Wins $290,000 in Chinese Poker Competition >>

* Future submarines could be controlled remotely using VIRTUAL REALITY >>
* U.S. Regulators Test Organs-on-Chips for Food-Safety Monitoring >>
* The map of the dark matter ‘web’: Scientists create first image of mysterious ‘bridge’ that connects galaxies >>

* Computer scientists are developing a ‘master’ fingerprint that could unlock your phone >>
* Facebook’s F8 plans include Camera Effects Platform, offline Instagram >>
* Robots to deliver food in San Francisco >>

* Scientists unveil CRISPR-based diagnostic platform >>
* New Tools Needed to Track Technology’s Impact on Jobs, Panel Says >>
* Honda’s Silicon Valley Lab becomes Honda Innovations >>

* A radio signal hack is what made those Dallas warning sirens go nuts >>
* Amazon offers its voice-recognition smarts to other companies >>
* The Dark Secret At the Heart of AI >>

* New Cities Summit >>
* Solve at MIT >>
* Nanopores map small changes in DNA for early cancer detection >>

* Renesas Unveils Its Open Autonomous Vehicle Platform >>
* Graphene-oxide sieve turns seawater into drinking water >>
* How Lizards Get Their Spots >>

* Neo Asteroid 2014 Jo25 Set To Buzz Earth On April 19th >>
* Auroras from Jupiter’s Volcano Moon Shine Light on Its Interior >>
* Asteroids Are Bad at Making Waves >>

* Generator Brings Your Craziest Game of Thrones Fan Theories to Life >>
* Redshirts Aren’t Likeliest to Die — and Other ‘Star Trek’ Math Lessons >>
* US Forces Just Dropped Their Largest Non-Nuclear Bomb for the First Time >>

* These new photos of Earth lit up at night are actually pretty useful >>
* Why You’re Still Using Microsoft Word >>
* Why Is Saturn Making So Much Pasta? >>

* I just (virtually) adopted a piece of Earth, and so can you >>
* 12 Must Watch Episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3000 >>
* Honda’s self-driving robotic lawnmower ‘Miimo’ comes to the US >>

* NASA Reveals New Hints of Life in Space >>
* How The Trump Administration May Spark Next Worldwide Conflict Via Syria, North Korea [Opinion] >>

* From an artificial gravity chamber and a fuel free engine to a Martian airship: NASA funds 22 sci-fi proposals
* NASA has found evidence that an ice-covered moon of Saturn could sustain alien life >>

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