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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 13 April 2017

* Could Moon Miners Use Railguns to Launch Ore into Space? >>
* Google’s ‘Speak to Go’ lets you travel the globe with your voice >>
* Artificial Intelligence Complete Lectures (01-23) >>

* Long-forgotten fossils of a crocodile-like creature with ‘crankles’ could be the missing link in dinosaur evolution >>
* Aerosols to protect Earth from global warming will be sprayed into stratosphere next year >>
* Rise of the robots could spark fresh wave of migration as jobs >>

* Water telescope uses gamma rays to track new kind of pulsar >>
* Glowing nanoparticles open new window for live optical biological imaging >>
* Electric and Magnetic Fields Drive Soft, Flexible Robots >>

* Star Wars: Battlefront II’s First Trailer Leaks >>
* Robotics students and startups: pitch and demo at TechCrunch’s robotics event >>
* Robots could soon cooperate on surveillance >>

* This Automated, Package-Sorting System Is Brilliant And Utterly Mesmerizing >>
* Japan recruits a robot volleyball player to help train its national team >>
* Robot Tarzan can swing from cables to monitor crops >>

* Graphene is the key to tougher flexible OLED displays >>
* 4D printing makes objects that assemble themselves when heated >>
* Gothic cathedrals inspire very thin concrete floors >>

* Microsoft is holding a big education event in New York on May 2 >>
* ‘Face-sensing’ headsets show your real-life expressions in VR >>
* Facebook Messenger now reaches 1.2 billion users >>

* Chill, parents. Amazon’s new dashboard will let you see the content your kids are consuming. >>
* Milky Way Stars On The Move – Satellite Data Used To See Into Future >>

* Earth At Night – New Global Maps Created From Satellite Imagery | Video >>
* NASA Could Use a Miniaturized Satellite to Test Europa Moon’s Dust and Radiation >>
* Harvard Researchers Are Preparing to Geoengineer the Atmosphere >>

* Every hour you run adds 7 hours to your lifespan >>
* The Panama Canal may soon have a giant neighbour across Nicaragua >>

* The Dark Secret at the Heart of AI >>
* First Image Ever of the Dark Matter Web that Connects Galaxies >>
* NIAC 2017: Interstellar Implications >>

* CERN’s Large Hadron Collider –“Has Awakened from ‘Hibernation’ To Renew Search for New Dimensions, Gravitons, and Tiny Black Holes” >>
* NASA TV to Livestream “New Discoveries On Ocean Worlds Beyond Earth” at Thursday News Conference >>
* Beyond Space Tourism: Jeff Bezos Sees Many Uses for Blue Origin Rocket >>

* On a Mission: Restoration to Return NASA Mission Control Room to Apollo Glory >>
* Hottest Editors >>
* A New Flavor of CRISPR Could Tackle Some of the Worst Genetic Diseases >>
* Microsoft Seems to Think an Awesome PC Gaming Feature Is Coming to TVs >>

* A Deceptively Simple Test Just Taught Us Something New About Elephant Intelligence >>
* Adobe is using AI to make your selfies look like actual photography >>
* 3D Printing Living Organs, And Other World-Changing Ideas In Health >>

* Smart homes for beginners >>
* Here’s how vertical video is disrupting the filmmaking industry >>
* Psychologists Recognize 5 Personality Types — Which Are You? >>

* Doctor Who’s Peter Capaldi Hints There’s Something Weird About the Doctor’s Next Regeneration >>
* Google released a new Pixel film and it’s going viral >>
* Your phone’s motion sensors can give away PINs and passwords >>

* Facebook Messenger just made it easier to send friends money. >>
* High-speed camera rig captures 3D images of birds’ wings in flight >>
* Soldier ants carry comrades wounded in raids back to base >>

* Japanese Automakers Look to Robots to Aid the Elderly >>
* Parkinson’s Disease at 200 >>
* Bad year for butterflies: Decline in numbers is spotted in 40 out of 57 species >>

* Congress tackles major privacy, surveillance issues >>
* Amazon could surge to $1,000 a share in 2018 >>
* ‘Alexa, my wife is having an asthma attack’ – first aid emergency app launched to save lives >>

* This machine crushes bottles and creates usable sand >>
* Honda is betting big on hydrogen-powered cars >>
* Inside a $10 million aquafarm that grows slime-colored ‘water lentils’ >>

* MindMaze’s MASK Predicts Facial Expressions Before You Make Them >>
* This music video was created by an algorithm that turns sound frequencies into landscapes >>

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