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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 11 April 2017

* Lemmings, In HoloLens >>
* FCC nixes proposal that would’ve allowed cellphone calls on planes >>
* Injecting virus into brain may relieve Parkinson’s symptoms >>

* Foxconn said to offer $27B for Toshiba’s memory chip business >>
* AMD buys Nitero wireless VR startup >>
* This neural network generates weird and adorable pickup lines >>

* AT&T paid $1.6 billion to own the next generation of wireless >>
* iPhone-Connected Hearing Aid Gives Doctor Remote Access >>
* We dream loads more than we thought – and forget most of it >>

* Speed bumps could vanish from British roads in pollution crackdown after study reveals they increase production of noxious gas >>
* Most expensive warship ever built FINALLY hits water: US Navy tests out its newest $13bn supercarrier >>

* New technology can detect tiny ovarian tumors >>
* Nanoparticles open new window for biological imaging >>
* Algoriddim’s djay Pro finally makes the move to Windows >>

* People officially watch way more Netflix than YouTube >>
* CRISPR: Is It Possible to Remove Disease From DNA? >>

* Scientists plan to drill into the Earth’s mantle for the first time >>
* Bill Gates, VR super nerd, will now take you into the future >>
* New ‘Spray-On’ Memory Could Turn Everyday Items Into Digital Storage Devices >>

* These Are Six Communication Styles That Every Single Person Uses >>
* Could Time-Blocking Replace Your To-Do List? >>
* VW teams with Mobvoi to make in-car AI less terrible >>

* How HTTPS Website Security Is Making the Internet Safer From Snoopers >>
* TigerVPN prevents your ISP from selling your data >>
* A Freakishly Big Asteroid Is About to Zoom by Earth >>

* Galaxy Cluster Gas Creates Hole in Microwave Background >>
* Open Source Clues to Google’s Mysterious Fuchsia OS >>
* It’s National Robotics Week! >>

* SpaceX Rocket Could Be 100-Percent Reusable by 2018, Elon Musk Says >>
* Auroras on Uranus Dazzle in New Hubble Telescope Views >>
* Wild Interstellar Flight System Is Among 22 Futuristic Ideas NASA Just Funded >>

* Volcanic Activity on Ancient Mars May Have Produced Organic Life >>
* “A First!” –Astronomers Observe a Supernova Collapse in Real Time >>
* The Value of an Exo-Venus >>

* What Will Happen When Your Company’s Algorithms Go Wrong? >>
* Android Wear 2.0 is ready for a bunch of new watches >>
* Wearable Medical Device Boosts Brain Cancer Survival Rates >>

* Google patents a see-through, bladeless air conditioner that doesn’t obstruct your window’s view >>
* The £26,000 armoured 3D printed homes designed to withstand a ZOMBIE apocalypse >>

* Meet Albert: AI-powered computer looks JUST like a mirror >>
* Turn your home into an art gallery with this sleek TV >>
* Nvidia: Two New Products, One Revolutionary Experience >>

* Google Pixel 2: Early Rumors Point To Snapdragon 835 Pro, Gigabit Lte, Monster Vr Capabilities >>
* Samsung Galaxy S9 Development In Progress As Work On Note 8 Continues >>
* ANIMATED: How the world’s population will change by 2100 >>

* How Blue Entropy Is Creating Fully Immersive Roomscale VR Games >>
* Pixie Technology Uses Fobs and Augmented Reality to Locate Your Lost Wallet >>
* HoloDoodle is a HoloLens App That Lets You Draw In The Air Using AR >>

* VRPhysio Enables Patients To Do Physical Therapy In Virtual Reality >>
* AR Smashed Funding Records in 2016 >>

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