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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 10 April 2017

* Astronomers detect atmosphere around Earth-like planet 39 Light-years Away >>
* Brain rhythm may explain why sleepy brains forget >>

* Robotics New Type of Warehouse Work: Recognizing, Picking Up Items From Boxes >>
* This Ford crib will trick your baby into falling asleep >>
* Hacking Attack Woke Up Dallas With Emergency Sirens, Officials Say >>

* Plastic Lion Means We’re One Step Closer To 3D-Printed Toupees >>
* An afternoon with Avegant’s prototype light field display headset >>

* Skype Translator can now translate Japanese >>
* Electric Jets Are Coming And They Could Halve Flight Cost >>
* Review: Mevo by Livestream >>

* IBM Watson offers tech support that never sleeps >>
* McLaren’s F1 team will 3D print parts trackside >>
* How to Mourn a Space Robot >>

* Amazon launches Amazon Cash >>
* This Stunning Drone Footage Of South Africa Looks Like A Real Life Lion King >>
* Hyperloop One Announces 11 Possible US Routes, Completes Vegas Test Track >>

* Ford built a baby bed that feels like it’s driving around the neighborhood >>
* Printer blown to bits by compressed air >>
* SpaceX Wants You To Start Saving For Your (Possibly Deadly) Trip To Mars >>

* Why Firing Tomahawk Missiles At Syria Was A Nearly Useless Response >>
* Japan’s Scientists Believe They’ll Be the First to Reach Earth’s Mantle >>
* These Are The Wildly Advanced Space Exploration Concepts Being Considered By NASA >>

* A Brain-Invading Parasite Is Believed to Be Spreading Because of Climate Change >>
* Robotics, Smart Materials, and their Future Impact for Humans >>
* Revolutionizing the IIoT Industry One Streetlight at a Time >>

* Next Job for US Air Force: Space Cop? >>
* Patient moves paralyzed legs with help from electrical stimulation of spinal cord >>
* Starship Congress 2017 >>

* Keeping Block Copolymers in Line Could Lead to Smaller Microchips >>
* Video Friday: Pepper’s Fish Mode, Deep Learning in the Warehouse, Stealing From Delivery Robot >>
* The Big Picture; Deadly chemical attack in Syria >>

* 5 Things You Missed: Particle Accelerator on a Chip, Cellphone Iris Scanners, and More >>
* Confirmed: Ceres Has A Transient Atmosphere >>

* “RNA Trumps DNA” –In the Evolution of Earth’s Smartest “Alien” Species >>
* Finally! A Low Mass Super-earth With Some Funky Atmosphere >>
* Weekly Space Hangout – April 7, 2017: Weekly News Roundup >>

* After 25 Years, ‘Lost’ OS/2 2.0 Build 6.605 Finally Re-Discovered >>
* The hoverbikes are coming >>
* New Research May Predict if a Depression Treatment Will Work or Not >>

* A spacecraft’s final mission … and other news from TED speakers >>
* Let The Sun Mow Your Lawn! >>
* Adobe shows how AI can work wonders on your selfie game >>

* What ‘Personal Space’ Means To The Rest Of The World >>
* Facing a Self-Driving Smackdown, Uber Opts for Damage Control >>
* Google DeepMind open sources Sonnet so you can build neural networks in TensorFlow even quicker >>

* Gboard studies your behavior without sending details to Google >>
* Google expands fact checking in news searches >>
* Adidas is changing the game with its new 3D-printed shoes >>

* Alexa can finally set specific smart bulb colors >>
* Netflix adds a screensaver to its TV apps to promote its original content >>
* Facebook just reinvented Clippy >>

* 15-Million-Year-Old Pinecones Can Still Move [Video] >>
* Will Neuroweapons, Micro-Drones and Other Killer Apps Really Make Us Safer? >>
* NASA funds 22 sci-fi proposals that could ‘expand how we explore the universe >>

* Adult theme parks where you can get drunk and shoot robots, digital drugs and spray on clothes in 2050 >>
* The knife-wielding robot that can STAB in 60 positions and could help solve grisly murders >>
* Bob Ross as you’ve never seen him before: through the eyes of Google’s DeepDream neural network >>

* Would you hop aboard? Bizarre concept shows a multi-person motorcycle the size of a city BUS >>
* Google will start fact-checking fake news stories >>
* Walt Mossberg is retiring in June >>

* Microbes Set the Stage for First Animals >>
* Mice brains store backup copies of memories >>
* Scientists Found a Good Use for Surplus Sperm >>

* Analysis: What are the implications of Trump’s Syrian airstrike? >>
* Adidas’ latest 3D-printed shoe puts mass production within sight >>

* Toutiao uses artificial intelligence to curate headline recommendations. >>
* Microsoft is granted a Patent for a Holographic System >>
* Disney Could Go Westworld With New Patent Filing for Soft ‘Humanoid’ Robots >>

* Now you can play fetch with your pet even if you’re stuck at work >>
* Magnetico: A Personal Torrent Search Engine That Can’t Be Shut Down >>
* Uber is now banned in Italy for unfair competition >>

* Watch: Scientists can’t defeat water-repellent coating >>
* US Navy’s MQ-4C Triton drone prepares for deployment in 2018 >>
* Outfit Two Toilets With OxyLED’s Popular Motion Lights For $10 >>

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