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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 7 April 2017

* Neuroscientists identify brain circuit necessary for memory formation >>
* IBM Research AI technology auto-curates golf highlights at the 2017 Masters Tournament >>
* Microsoft’s ‘Project Scorpio’ Xbox promises true 4K gaming >>

* This tiny ray-bot can spy on you while you swim >>
* Eight people own the same wealth as 3.6 billion other people >>
* A Star Going Supernova In Slow Motion Discovered >>

* The Hyperloop is ready to go! First test track is complete, firm reveals 11 routes in the US >>
* Device could buzz feet to prevent falls >>
* Atmosphere containing water detected around rocky exoplanet >>

* Jeff Bezos Is Selling $1 Billion in Amazon Stock Yearly to Fund Blue Origin >>
* Reshaping the Universe: VR Landscapes Explore Mind-Bending Geometry >>
* World’s Largest Rocket Will Be Recoverable & Reusable >>

* Bigelow Space stations >>
* Lockheed’s Cislunar space station proposal >>
* Lockheeds Mars Orbiting base proposal >>

* Finally, a phone case that is also biodegradable >>
* Amazon Looks to Hire 30,000 Part-Time Employees in US >>
* Is THIS how memories are stored in the brain? >>

* World’s fastest battery-powered plane breaks the world electric speed record hitting 210mph >>
* The robot sex experiment that let machines EVOLVE by passing ‘genetic material’ across several generations >>
* Microsoft’s Sprinkles app uses AI to caption your selfies >>

* Increasing the energy density of batteries through improved materials is the best way to lower costs >>
* World Second richest man investing one billion per year in his reusable rocket company >>
* Google sees Domain specific custom chips as the future with chips 200 times or more faster than Intel chips >>

* Google Details Tensor Chip Powers >>
* What is Driving the Shift Towards Cloud-Based CFD and FEA Simulation? >>
* This contact lens could someday measure blood glucose and other signs of disease >>

* Hybrid electric passenger jets could be commercialized by a Boeing and Jet Blue backed startup in the 2020s >>
* Crowd assisted search is speeding up the search for Planet 9 and other astronomy by a hundred times >>
* Mass production of low-cost, flexible 3-D printed electronics >>

* YouTube TV Isn’t Perfect, But It’s Very Promising >>
* What Is Independent Media? >>
* TRAPPIST-1’s Fatal Flaw Could Ruin Our Hopes of Finding Life There >>

* Scientists Want to Use Color-Changing Rainbow Poop to Diagnose Your Bowel Problems >>
* Octopuses can basically edit their own genes on the fly >>

* Here’s how Google Home 2.0 could stomp all over the Amazon Echo >>
* Court Orders Pornhub to Expose Copyright Infringers >>

* Project Scorpio’s Beefy Specs Won’t Be Enough >>
* Microsoft Reveals Xbox Scorpio’s Impressive Specs >>
* Nvidia Titan Xp Introduced as ‘the World’s Most Powerful Graphics Card’ >>

* New Zealand Could Use Gene Editing to Kill Off Its Cutest Predator >>
* Your machine used to crunch numbers. Now it can chew over what they mean, too >>

* Norway plans to blow a giant hole through a peninsula to build a mile-long ship tunnel >>
* Phony VPN Services Are Cashing In On America’s War On Privacy >>

* Human-like avatar gives glimpse of the future >>
* How scientists explore our genome’s ‘dark matter’ >>
* The H-1B visa curb could benefit these countries >>

* Here’s how much faster Netflix performs in other countries >>
* Treating heart failure with muscle stem cell patch >>
* Can Stem Cell ‘Patch’ Help Heart Failure? >>

* The US Border Patrol is t ing to build face-reading drones >>
* What the Earth will look like in 2050, according to experts and people who live here >>
* If you miss NBA Jam and NBA Street, take a look at NBA Playgrounds >>

* Project Scorpio focuses Xbox on games — so where are they? >>
* The hyperloop is ready for its big ‘Kitty Hawk’ moment — and may be coming to a US city near you >>
* Disney Files Patent Application For Projector-Based Augmented Reality System >>

* Here’s The Specs That Will Power Microsoft’s Project Scorpio VR Experiences >>

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