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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 6 April 2017

* Cassini’s Final Mission To Annihilation Starts April 22 >>
* Google releases YouTube Go to serve millions of people on slow internet >>
* Trappist-1 Is Showing A Bit Too Much Flare >>

* AI predicts the layout of human stem cells >>
* ROBO-ONE Hosts First Ever Autonomous Biped Fighting Tournament >>
* IBM, Intel, Stanford Bet on AI to Speed Up Disease Diagnosis and Drug Discovery >>

* Continued claims that the EMDrive is being tested on the X-37B >>
* Planet wide millimeter radio telescope array now has ten times the resolution >>
* Boeing’s Proposed Deep Space Explorer Will Be Our Stepping Stone To Mars >>

* Self-healing phone screen can fix itself in 24 hours >>
* The floating techno-libertarian city idea is far from dead >>
* Artificial intelligence is here to predict what horrible thing Congress is going to do next >>

* Inkjet-Printed Flexible Memory Devices >>
* Accelerating Aircraft Systems Development with Model-based Engineering >>
* The Future of Energy Technology as Seen Through X-Ray Eyes >>

* Apple Drops Hint For VR-Ready Mac Pro >>
* YouTube’s live TV streaming service goes live in five US cities for $35 per month >>

* Google says its custom machine learning chips are often 15-30x faster than GPUs and CPUs >>
* Can AI Ever Be as Curious as Humans? >>

* Using AI and science to predict heart failure >>
* A driverless shuttle called Harry is coming to London and it’s low-key exciting >>
* If an AI Doesn’t Take Your Job, It Will Design Your Office >>

* Massive 3-D Cell Library Teaches Computers How to Find Mitochondria >>
* Obsess over your dog even more with this smart pet door >>
* Researchers use a pair of robotics platforms in hopes of developing drought-resistant crops >>

* Extraterrestrial Origin Of Fast Radio Burst Phenomenon Confirmed >>
* A Car-Size Asteroid Just Whipped by Earth >>
* Boom in consumer robots with premium featured robots at less than half the price >>

* Worlds’ 1st Recycled Booster From Spacex Sails Serenely At Sunrise Into Port Canaveral >>
* The brain-bending science behind optical illusions >>

* Scientists Are Getting Closer to Understanding Where All the Antimatter Has Gone >>
* This Ancient Stellar Blob Could Change Our Understanding of How Galaxies Form >>
* Watch How a Beloved Spacecraft Will Die in Saturn’s Atmosphere >>

* Michael Caine Has Been Tweeting For Almost Seven Years, and I’m Just Now Finding Out >>
* SpaceX to Launch Falcon Heavy with Two ‘Flight-Proven’ Boosters This Year >>
* Five Types of Male Birth Control We Will Probably Never Get to Use >>

* Space scientists are paying people $24k to lie on their back for 60 days >>
* Google’s next smart speaker may double as a WiFi router >>
* YouTube launches low-bandwidth version for India >>

* Send safety alerts to your loved ones with this discreet wearable >>
* Netflix just changed how you rate shows and movies >>

* Squishy robotic manta ray flaps its wings to spy in the ocean >>

* Scientists create an artificial brain connection that LEARNS like the human mind >>
* Doing your bills is painful. Virtual reality could make it less so >>

* Inside the plan to replace Trump’s border wall with a high-tech ecotopia >>
* This tiny electric jet startup thinks it can reinvent regional air travel >>

* Rogue One’s best visual effects happened while the camera was rolling >>
* ODG Opens Preorders For Their Hazard Certified AR Glasses >>
* Vive’s New Promo Shows The World VR Could Make >>

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