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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 5 April 2017

* Graphene sieve turns seawater into drinking water >>
* Ultra-pure diamond crystal at the point of convergence combines multiple lasers into one superlaser >>
* Fetch Robotics Introduces Burly New Freight Robots >>

* Elon Musks path to worlds richest person with Spacex, Global Internet Satellite Network, Tesla >>
* Circular RNAs can communicate with ribosomes and make proteins >>
* Mercedes Promises Self-Driving Taxis in Just Three Years >>

* This mirror-based digital butler could make you feel like Iron Man >>
* Rise of the robots may force ministers to introduce human worker quotas >>
* Governments could introduce ‘made by humans’ tags – legal report >>

* Upgrading humans into GODS will be the next ‘billion dollar industry’ expert claims >>
* Google’s Wi-Fi router can ban your children from going online >>
* People think smart home tech is too expensive—here’s what it really costs >>

* Google uses neural networks to translate without transcribing >>
* DARPA successfully flew a model of its 24-fan electric plane >>
* Method may help myeloma patients avoid painful biopsies >>

* How NASA’s future robots will explore frozen worlds >>
* Meet Sally, the salad-making robot: Machine builds 1,000 different salads in just 60 seconds >>
* Boeing unveils concept designs for its Mars Transporter and Deep Space Habitat >>

* LocusBots can now ‘talk’ to each other and collaborate in warehouses >>
* This electric skateboard is designed to glide like a snowboard >>
* Highlights from the O’Reilly Software Architecture Conference in New York 2017 >>

* 500 job openings at Spacex and 2000 jobs at the Tesla Gigafactory >>
* US Air force plans to have independent robotic hypersonic drones for spying and attacking in the 2040s >>
* New Tool Helps African Countries Find the Best Sites for Renewable Energy Projects >>

* The next agricultural revolution: a ‘bionic leaf’ that could help feed the world >>
* Pluto AI raises $2.1 million to bring intelligence to water treatment >>
* Microsoft’s Sprinkles app is better at captioning selfies than you >>

* Disruptive space technologies from Aerojet Rocketdyne include a 200 kilowatt electric thruster with about 2000 ISP >>
* China has built a nuclear submarine mass production superfactory >>
* Millennials are shunning marriage in favour of living with their parents >>

* NASA Mystery: Brilliant Flash from Deep Space Baffles Astronomers –“Unlike Any Ever Seen Before” (VIDEO) >>
* New Options for Locating Fast Radio Bursts >>
* Arianespace: Satellite Launch Company >>

* Navigating with GPS is making our brains lazy >>
* Learn the Basics of Power Amplifier and Front End Module Measurements >>
* One hour travel times help define a city >>

* Scientists Are Developing a Contact Lens That Tells You When You’re Sick >>
* Andreesen Horowitz tips $10m into American AI drone upstart >>
* IBM Program Would Help Robocars Decide Whether to Cede Control >>

* You can download the Creators Update April 5 >>
* Learning to Think Like a Computer >>
* Researchers “iron out” graphene’s wrinkles >>

* Apple set to release new versions of the iMac desktop >>
* ‘Surprise’ discovery of Europe’s first cave-dwelling fish >>
* 3 mega-trends shaping the future of work >>

* Scientists found a new way of turning salt water into drinking water >>
* Intel Shows Life Beyond CMOS >>
* 3D Print with Incredible New Materials, Meet a Voice-Controlled 3D Printer >>

* Australian Woman’s Smile is Restored by 3D Printed Titanium Jaw Implant >>
* Here’s a robot that’ll toss salads for you for a cool $30,000 >>
* Microsoft to reveal Xbox Project Scorpio specs this week >>

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