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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 4 April 2017

* ‘Reverse Prisma’ AI turns Monet paintings into photos >>
* Nanofabrication Enables “Particle-Accelerator-on-a-Chip” Technology >>
* This smart speaker hub has Alexa and Google Assistant >>

* Netflix downloads come to Windows 10 PCs >>
* At-home sperm health selfies are on the rise >>
* Olay’s A.I. Powered Skin Advisor Tool Tells You How Old Your Skin Is >>

* The wearable that can tell you when someone is checking you out >>
* Google is teaching its computer systems to be ‘offended’ like humans >>
* Computer Programmers May No Longer Be Eligible For H-1B Visas [Update] >>

* Microsoft’s Xbox Scorpio Should Be Worried About The Nintendo Switch >>
* Google Wifi now makes scheduling internet time easier >>
* 6 Ways to Invest in Augmented Reality >>

* Scientists discover shortcut for turning grass into plane fuel >>
* Brain zapping helps US Navy Seals learn faster >>
* AI Will Eclipse Hadoop, Files For IPO As A Machine Learning Platform >>

* Eggs get less fertile with age because of chaotic cell division >>
* Say hello to Harmony 2.0: World’s only ‘talking’ sex doll has 18 personalities >>
* The ‘bionic leaf’ that could help end world hunger >>

* EVs Are Dangerously Quiet. Here’s What They Could Sound Like >>
* Automation Makes Things Cheaper, So Why Doesn’t It Feel That Way? >>
* Chemistry Should Only Be Taught Using Gorgeous Microscopic Footage Of Chemical Reactions >>

* Do long telomeres indicate higher cancer risk? >>
* Genetic Details of Controversial “3-Parent Baby” Revealed >>
* Free chatbot app Simsimi is being used by bullies to threaten young children anonymously >>

* 2017 is the Greatest Start in Video Game History >>
* Why More Tech Companies Are Hiring People Without Degrees >>
* Even More Rumors of Departures Coming to Doctor Who >>

* Toyota using A.I. as part of battery research grants >>
* Tech jobs are thriving nationwide — up to 7.3M >>

* What Happens to Spores in Space? >>
* Rare Images Suggest Thunderstorms From Space Are Even Weirder Than We Thought >>
* Photography Of Trump’s Presidency Is A Huge Break From Obama’s >>

* Photo/Video Gallery 1st Reflown Spacex Falcon 9 >>
* These Three Killer Apps Could Help Humans Colonize Mars >>
* Building the Tools for Icy Moons >>

* “Two Ancient Sites on Mars Where Water Flourished” –Selected For ESA’s ExoMars Landing >>
* “Alien Life and Intelligence may exist in Forms We Can’t Conceive” Top Astronomer >>
* Can Internet-Based Apps Be Used For National Elections? >>

* How Optimistic Are You? It Probably Depends on Your Age >>
* Someone Finally Hijacked Deep Learning Tech to Create More Than Nightmares >>
* Scientists control soft robots with magnetic fields >>

* Android just toppled Windows in worldwide marketshare >>
* See the nearly completed Apple campus through the eyes of a drone >>
* Chinese engineer gives up on search for a spouse and builds his own ‘wifebot’ >>

* Big Data reveals red-blue divide persists when people order science books >>
* Laziness Can Be Contagious >>
* Samsung Galaxy S8 Could Download Two Hour Movie In 15 Seconds, Fastest Lte Yet >>

* Why Apple is redesigning the next iPhone, in 1 simple diagram >>
* The future of ‘Trumpcare’ is already starting to look like a mess >>
* ‘Electric Cap’ May Help Fight a Deadly Brain Tumor >>

* 5-numbers-that-will-define-the-next-100-years >>
* Simulation suggests 68 percent of the universe may not actually exist >>
* This Tyrannosaur Used A ‘Sixth Sense’ To Hunt Its Prey >>

* Detroit is kicking Silicon Valley’s ass in the race to build self-driving cars >>
* Google WiFi will help you get your kids off the internet >>
* New trailers: It, Justice League, Game of Thrones, and more >>

* Inside The World’s Newest Mega-Skyscraper >>
* Cancer Isn’t a Logic Problem >>
* Hover Skate VR is The Closest Thing to Tony Hawk VR We’ve Got Right Now >>

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