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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 3 April 2017

* Smell, the Glove >>
* Nanogrids, Microgrids, and Big Data: The Future of the Power Grid >>
* Arca Unveils The World’s First Single-stage-to-orbit Rocket >>

* Space Station Drama After Vital Micrometeorite Shielding Floats Away >>
* Solar Probe Plus Will ‘touch’ The Sun >>
* Control of Soft Robots Using Magnetic Fields >>

* DARPA wants engineers to rethink conventional approaches for breakthrough Spectrum Management >>
* Real life flying iron man exoskeleton created will cost about $250,000 each and requires intense Captain America like workout regimen for strength to control it >>
* Elon Musk wants SpaceX to refly its rockets within 24 hours >>

* SpaceX landed an entirely new piece of the Falcon 9 rocket tonight >>
* The Robots Of The Future May Be Controlled By Magnetic Fields >>
* How Cars Could ‘Talk’ To Each Other In The Future—And Why That Has To Happen >>

* DARPA wants fast data encoding and processing of big data using molecules >>
* Amazon, Alibaba will use self driving vehicles, robotics, 3d printing and AI for to compete on same day delivery >>
* 5G Bytes: Full Duplex Explained >>

* Megacities and One belt One road are core to China’s 100 year economic strategy >>
* Planetary cubesat Lightsail2 will launch on Spacex Falcon Heavy >>
* Billionaries and funding Moon and Mars exploration >>

* Elon Musk confident Spacex can achieve at least 100-fold reduction in the cost of space access and plans reflying within 24 hours of landing >>
* First SpaceX Re-Flown Rocket Stage to be Gift to the Cape, Says Elon Musk >>
* 3 Squishy Medical Robots That Are as Soft as You Are >>

* Elon Musk Isn’t the Only One Trying to Computerize Your Brain >>
* Gillmor Gang: Blank Check >>
* THE FUTURE AGENCY; Inside the big business of imagining the future >>

* Baidu’s AI team taught a virtual agent just like a human would their baby >>
* Deepest X-ray Image Ever Made Contains Mysterious Explosion >>
* Plasma Wave Physics Altered After NASA Spacecraft Observations | Video >>

* When Drone Delivery Makes Sense: When You’re Flying Life-Saving Blood to Hospitals >>
* Diamondoids on Verge of Key Application Breakthroughs >>
* Robotic military truck convoys are near >>

* Google Launched a New Machine Learning Journal and it support reactive diagrams >>
* Fuzzy fibers of silicon carbide can make rocket engines stronger, lighter and better able to withstand extreme heat >>
* Spacex reuses a first stage booster and successfully relanded it for further launches in a historic milestone in spaceflight >>

* Improved software enables Tesla cars to use autopilot at speeds up to 80mph >>
* Scientists Find That Mosquito Flight Is Unlike Anything Else >>
* IBM could have a solution to one of self-driving cars’ biggest problems >>

* The world’s largest dino print, Blue Origin’s capsule for space tourists, and other amazing images of the week >>
* Robots Are Going To Kill Jobs Because They Already Have >>
* SpaceX has proven it can reuse its rockets—now what? >>

* Researchers Control an Animal with Human Thoughts >>
* Scientists use magnetic fields to remotely control biologically inspired soft robots >>
* How Will The Rise of Automation Affect Our Workforce? >>

* Software Lets You Design and Test Your Very Own Drone >>
* Amazon’s Drone-Delivery Dreams Are No Joke >>

* Exploit attacks your smart TV through over-the-air signals >>
* IBM Technology Creates Smart Wingman For Self-Driving Cars >>
* AT&T Receives $6.5 Billion To Build Wireless Network For First Responders >>

* What Does SpaceX’s Reusable Rocket Mean for Space Travel? >>
* Yup, Rockets Need Insurance, Too. But Way More Than the Feds Think >>
* What SpaceX’s Successful Reusable Rocket Launch Means For the Space Industry >>

* SXSW 2017: Rise of creative technology >>
* For Google, the AI Talent Race Leads Straight to Canada >>
* Harnessing energy from TYPHOONS >>

* Working up a sweat could soon power your phone >>
* Gravitational waves slow the spin of shape-shifting neutron star >>
* Toyota launches $35m project to use AI to search for ‘superbatteries’ to power electric cars >>

* Google Gnomes and Alexa for pets: the best of April Fools’ pranks >>

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