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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 30 March 2017

* This building hanging from an asteroid is absurd—but let’s take it seriously for a second >>
* Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ Hands-on Review: A First Look >>
* Japanese Man Is First to Receive ‘Reprogrammed’ Stem Cells from Another Person >>

* Magic Leap may release $1,000 ‘light-field’ smart glasses this year >>
* Amazon now delivers groceries straight to your trunk >>

* Adidas is launching biodegradable shoes that can be dissolved in 36 hours >>
* ‘Groundbreaking’ technology enables quadriplegic man to move his limbs >>

* Take A Peek Inside Blue Origin’s New Shepard Crew Capsule >>
* Nanostructures Move From Water Purification to Uranium Extraction >>

* Builder Extreme 1500 3D Printer, Prints a Full-Sized Ducati Motorbike >>
* Researchers identify genes that give cannabis its flavor >>
* Congress just voted to let internet providers sell your browsing history >>

* MRI brain scans train machines to see the world more like us >>
* Bias test to prevent algorithms discriminating unfairly >>
* Backwards asteroid shares an orbit with Jupiter without crashing >>

* Lyme-disease-is-set-to-explode-and-you-cant-protect-yourself >>
* Why the politics of the future is technology and technology is the future of politics >>
* New 5G transmitter 20 times more efficient than the previous ones >>

* Xbox One Spring Update Rolling Out With New Ui, Beam Streaming, And Screen Time >>
* “We Need to Go Beyond the Standard Model of Physics” –Peter Higgs, Discoverer of the Higgs Boson >>

* The Plan to Bring a Little Bit of Venus Back to Earth >>
* 4 ways to help care for your aging parents, spouse with tech >>
* Businesses say they just can’t find the right tech workers >>

* NASA Launches Massive Digital Library For Space Video, Photos and Audio >>
* Fight against patent for hepatitis C drug that can cost €55,000 >>
* Can robot duo track crops better than drones? >>

* How artificial intelligence has evolved over time >>
* Evidence That Robots Are Winning the Race for American Jobs >>
* Something Big Exploded in a Galaxy Far, Far Away: What Was It? >>

* Star Wars: US Must Prep for Space Battles, Commander Says >>
* Nebula with Laser Beams >>
* Quantum computer startup Rigetti Computing Raised $64 Million >>

* Blue Origin nears testing of the BE-4 rocket >>
* Elon Musk points out that the NASA funding bill changes nothing and adds no funding for Mars >>
* NASA tries to justify Space Launch system >>

* Robomate exoskeleton will make it ten times easier for workers to lift things >>
* Graphene-based neural probe detects brain activity at high resolution and signal quality >>
* New Short for Pixar’s Coco Is as Cute as a Dog With(out) a Bone >>

* Plan to hang a wandering skyscraper from asteroid orbiting Earth is unveiled >>
* Uranus Smells Like Farts >>
* 10 best science images, videos, and visualizations of the year >>

* Saturn’s Weirdest Moon Is Full of Electric Sand >>
* People who feel connected to nature are more prone to “electrosensitivity” >>
* A scientific measure of our visual imagination suggests it is surprisingly limited >>

* Press 1 for bill shock, 2 for outages… AWS touts call-center management-as-a-service >>
* Why SpaceX’s Next Rocket Launch Is A Really Big Deal >>
* Can Climate Change Cause The Extinction Of Plants And Animals? >>

* Google scales China’s Great Firewall with Translate app >>
* The new algorithms enabling Facebook’s data fixation >>
* Facebook opens up 360-degree livestreaming to everyone >>

* Intel: Our next chips will be a ‘generation ahead’ of Samsung >>
* Four IoT Trends To Keep An Eye On >>

* The Galaxy S8 can double as a pretend desktop >>
* Does anyone actually want to use a phone as a desktop? >>
* Samsung’s Bixby AI assistant can see as well as talk >>
* Samsung’s new digital assistant, Bixby, tries to push past voice recognition toward true AI >>
* The Galaxy S8 can stream music to two headphones at the same time >>
* The next-gen ‘Gear VR’ comes with a motion controller >>
* Samsung’s Galaxy S8 can sign into websites using your face >>
* Samsung’s Galaxy S8 UK pricing starts at £689 >>
* Samsung’s Galaxy S8 arrives April 21st >>
* Gear VR Just Took a Huge Leap Forward (Thanks to Oculus) >>
* Official Galaxy S8 Specs Confirm This Is The First Snapdragon 835 Phone >>

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