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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 28 March 2017

* Disruptive Technologies: Understand, Evaluate, Respond >>
* Dystopian Riot Control Truck Is The Vehicle Of The Future >>
* Facebook Messenger now lets you privately share your Live Location for an hour >>

* I Took the AI Class Facebookers Are Literally Sprinting to Get Into >>
* Social Media Influencers Finally Come to … Medicine >>
* Trump taps Kushner to lead a SWAT team to fix government with business ideas >>

* Amazon’s Automated Grocery Store Works Great as Long as Nobody Runs or Moves Stuff Around >>
* Intel Claims Its Magical New Memory Will Speed Your Computer Up for Cheap >>

* World’s first ‘lip password’ utilizes a user’s lip motions to create password >>
* A reusable sponge could be the latest solution to effectively clean up oil spills >>
* FBI’s facial recognition database is dangerously inaccurate >>

* iPad bomb threat led to recent device ban on flights >>
* NASA trains astronauts with zero-G virtual reality >>
* Lightform Emerges With $2.6 Million For Glasses-Free AR Tech >>

* MIT’s Nuclear Lab has an Unusual Plan to Jump-Start Advanced-Reactor Research >>
* Grains on Titan would cling to a spacecraft ‘like packing peanuts’ >>
* Incredible moment a shark nudges a diver to get him to remove a hook >>

* The struggle between tech companies and government >>
* IBM was a pioneer in the work-from-home revolution — now it’s cracking down >>
* AI is mainly a stimulative technology that will create jobs >>

* Asteroid Impacts Spawned Colossal 500-Foot-High Tsunamis in Mars’ Ancient Oceans >>
* Travelers to Mars risk leukemia cancer, weakened immune function from radiation, NASA-funded study finds >>

* NASA’s ‘Far-Side-of-the-Moon’ Orbiting Telescope >>
* Far Side Astronomy: Orbiting Telescope Would Use Moon as Shield >>
* Flying Through Auroras: Airline Carries Passengers into Southern Lights >>

* Spacex launch of private citizens on a lunar orbiting mission in 2018 will use new Falcon Heavy >>
* Spacex scheduled relaunch of a recovered booster is scheduled for this Thursday >>
* Uber Suspends Robocar Testing After Crash >>

* Eyesight Technologies Will Watch You Drive, and That’s a Good Thing >>
* Global Biotechnology Congress 2017 >>
* Scientists reverse aging in mice by repairing damaged DNA >>

* Silicon solar cell efficiency at 26.6% within 10% of theoretical silicon solar efficiency limit of 29.1% >>
* 25,000 Residents Told to Evacuate as Massive Cyclone Threatens Australian Coast >>
* The Cutting-edge Circular Culinary Knife >>

* No one knows what to do with the International Space Station >>
* What Will Elon Musk And Tim Cook Do For Trump’s New ‘Office Of American Innovation’? >>
* US Treasury Secretary Says Automation Of Jobs Is ’50-100 More Years’ Away >>

* Researchers make a spinach leaf pump like a human heart >>
* An AI taught me how to be a better tweeter >>
* India’s Silicon Valley Offers the Cheapest Engineers, But the Quality of Their Talent is Another Story >>

* Scientists Hack a Human Cell and Reprogram It Like a Computer >>
* Elon Musk invested early in DeepMind just to keep tabs on the progress of AI >>
* Facebook looks inward for new AI technical talent >>

* ‘Tree-on-a-chip’ passively pumps water for days >>
* New flexible sensor holds potential for foldable touch screens >>
* Quantum Transport Goes Ballistic >>

* Connected dolls and tell-tale teddy bears: Why we need to manage the Internet of Toys >>
* Ben Goertzel on the Future of AI >>
* The Singularity is Ever Nearer >>

* 7 Things We Can’t Wait To Stick The Vive Tracker On >>
* The Real Likelihood Of Dying At The Jaws Of A Shark >>

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