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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 13 March 2017

* This company can track motion with sound instead of light >>
* With Synthetic Biology Software, Geneticists Design Living Organisms From Scratch >>
* How Drive.ai Is Mastering Autonomous Driving with Deep Learning >>

* Scientists May Be a Step Closer to Creating Solar-Fueled Vehicles >>
* “Super Agers” Have Brains That Look Young >>
* Robot uses social feedback to fetch objects intelligently >>

* What To Do When Machines Do Everything: How to Get Ahead in a World of AI, Algorithms, Bots, and Big Data >>
* Force employees to take DNA tests for bosses? >>
* The Airbus Pop.Up is the autonomous car/drone mashup of your dreams >>
* Get a sneak peek at SXSW’s hottest tech >>

* Elon Musk: I Can Fix South Australia Power Network in 100 Days Or It’s Free >>
* Could fast radio bursts really be powering alien space ships? >>
* Scientists Create ‘Designer Yeast’ In Major Step Toward Synthetic Life >>

* Creepy vibrating touch gloves let couples hold hands >>
* Nature or nurture? Geneticists uncover clues on the role of DNA in developing social anxiety disorder >>
* CRISPR/Cas9-mediated gene editing in viable human embroyos >>

* Religious experiences may be down to EPILEPSY, claim scientists >>
* Never-before-seen gatherings of hundreds of humpback whales >>
* Continued rapid growth of the global middle class could add 2.2 billion people by 2030 >>

* Apparently walking on solar panels damages them as the First solar roadway is broken in first week >>
* Pathnet is Deepmind’s step to a super neural network for creating an artificial general intelligence >>
* Bio-Inspired Drone, ARPA-E’s Energy-Saving Innovations, and More >>

* Exploring Titan With Aerial Platforms >>
* “Which Came First Galaxies or the Black Holes at Their Core?” –60 Newly Discovered Quasars Powered by Gargantuan Black Holes May Hold the Clue >>
* The Future Of Space Colonization – Terraforming Or Space Habitats? >>

* Laser-Driven Magnetic Fields Could Boost NIF fusion Implosions by generating 50 tesla fields >>
* ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit: Self-Fluffing Fabrics and the World’s Coolest Paint >>
* California Gives the Green Light to Self-Driving Cars >>

* NASA’s new ozone layer watchdog takes orbit >>
* IBM inches toward human-like accuracy for speech recognition >>
* 100 announcements (!) from Google Cloud Next ’17 >>

* What Is the Probability that Alien Life Exists? >>
* Orion moves a step closer to historic first manned flight >>

* China developing reusable rocket that will be able to send manned missions to the moon >>
* IBM-led international research team stores one bit of data on a single atom >>
* Best future US Navy would be improved targeting, better robotic vehicles, high velocity projectiles and railguns >>

* US still not killing Space Launch System and not yet engaging Spacex for Mars >>
* Will Humanity Ever Be Able to Get to the 7 Planets in the TRAPPIST-1 Star System? >>
* Trying VR chair with ‘The Mummy: Zero Gravity VR Experience’ >>

* Buzz Aldrin Visits White House, Talks Space with Vice President Mike Pence >>
* NASA Seeks Information on Commercial Mars Payload Services >>
* Gillmor Gang: Mojo Filter >>

* Kepler Telescope Beams Back Raw Data on Earth-Size Exoplanets of TRAPPIST-1 >>
* How Will Nasa Find Life On Other Worlds? >>
* General Atomics doubles the energy density in power supply for railguns >>

* Breakthroughs, stardom, and collapse: the life cycle of a sea arch >>
* NASA Just Found a Lost Spacecraft Orbiting the Moon >>
* The Army’s New 3D-Printed Grenade Launcher Is Straight Out of Science Fiction >>

* Who’s speaking at TED2017? Announcing our speaker lineup >>
* Alphabet’s internet balloon chief leaves after 6 months >>
* Amazon Alexa Can Now Be Your Doctor >>

* New Reality For Talent Recruitment: Personalization, Relevance And Automation >>
* Contact your Senator with a fax-sending bot >>
* Oldest evidence of stardust and oxygen offers a glimpse into the birth of the universe’s very first stars >>

* Full Genome Sequencing for Newborns Raises Questions >>
* SpaceX follows Jules Verne – with one exception >>
* The World Wide Web’s inventor warns it’s in peril on 28th anniversary >>

* Technology, entertainment merge on day one of SXSW 2017 >>
* Here’s what will make smartphones exciting again >>

* Preparing for our posthuman future of artificial intelligence >>
* Google’s DeepMind plans bitcoin-style health record tracking for hospitals >>
* Astronomy Cast Ep. 443: Destroy And Rebuild Pt. 7: Tsunamis >>

* House Republicans would let employers demand workers’ genetic test results >>
* First results of CRISPR gene editing of normal embryos released >>
* Devices exploiting superposition and entanglement can vastly increase performance or accomplish what was once thought to be impossible >>

* Emotionally attractive >>
* Brain is 10 times more active than previously measured >>
* 3D Size Comparison of Everything in the Universe is Awe-Inspiring >>

* MIT Tech Review’s 2017 List Of 10 Breakthrough Technologies >>
* CRISPR pioneer Jennifer Doudna shines hope on the future of genetic modification at SXSW >>
* An Edible Vaccine For Wild Apes Could Revolutionize the Way We Fight Ebola >>

* Everything you need to know from SXSW 2017 >>
* Wonder Woman: new trailer shows the DC hero’s origins >>
* Scorpion Venom May Be The Newest Cancer Treatment >>

* This house was 3D printed in just 24 hours >>
* Artificial Cognification: In the Future Everything Will Be Smart >>
* Computer linguists are developing an intelligent system aid for air traffic controllers >>

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