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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 25 February 2017

* Smart Road to Parked Car: Talk to Me >>
* Creepy Teardown Reveals What’s Inside a Robot Designed to Spy on Nature >>
* AI Predicts Autism By Comparing Babies’ Brains >>

* NBA hopes VR will expand its audience >>
* Should You Bank Your Own Blood? Actually, Yeah >>
* Membrane solves one of the major technical barriers to commercialization of the lithium sulfur battery >>

* Plastic roads are paving the way to a greener tomorrow >>
* A Doozy of a Lawsuit Over Self-Driving Cars >>
* How to Shoot a 360 Video >>

* Android Can’t Compete With iMessage. Google Is Changing That >>
* Self-Driving Cars Should Be Liable For Accidents, Not the Passengers: UK Government >>

* Google’s Android texting app has a new name >>
* This robot spy dog is like ‘Westworld’ for animals >>
* 5G will help autonomous cars cruise streets safely >>

* Studios Push for $50 Early Home Movie Rentals >>
* Solar-powered drone switches from helicopter to plane mode >>
* The 5G Frontier: Millimeter Wireless >>

* US dept of defense providing funding for Reaction engine hypersonic wind tunnel tests >>
* Borophene Takes Big Step Towards Electronic Devices >>
* How Robots And AI Could Save American Water Utilities >>

* AI experts warn humanity has to prepare now for ‘The Reckoning’ when robots demand equal rights >>
* Watch meteorites slam into the moon LIVE: ‘MoonWatcher’ satellite will beam home real-time lunar views >>

* Augmented reality lets cars communicate to reduce road rage >>
* Is Fusion Energy in Our Future? >>
* AIDS vaccine ‘cures’ 5 patients >>

* Are ‘supersoldiers’ who feel no fear headed for the battlefield? >>
* Experts predict AI ‘ghost ships’ and battlebots are the future of the US military >>

* Bees can learn; Experiment finds insect can teach themselves to play FOOTBALL >>
* New breed of SUPER-PIG resistant to a killer virus could see GM meat in UK in 10 years >>

* At Mobile World Congress, Samsung rivals to set the tone >>
* Making 3D maps of every cell in the human body >>
* JustBoom Turns Your Raspberry Pi Into a Hi-Fi Powerhouse >>

* Man may be able to survive on Mars more easily than thought >>
* Supernova Blast Wave Still Visible After 30 Years >>

* Weekly Space Hangout – February 24, 2017: 7 New Exoplanets Around Trappist-1 >>
* High-Altitude Balloon Company Wants to Open a New Market at the Edge of Space >>
* Jupiter is a Feast for the Eyes In New Time-Lapse Animation (Video) >>

* Video Friday: Giant Robot Bug, SpaceX Rocket Landing, and Flamethrower Drone >>
* “Stop, Thief!” Waymo Screams at Uber >>
* WATCH: This Cartoon Elon Musk Explains Why Solar Will Trump Oil >>

* Scientifically designed fasting diet lowers risks for major diseases like diabetes, cancer and heart disease and other age related disease >>
* An epigenetics gold rush: new controls for DNA, RNA and gene expression >>
* Teaching drones to land themselves on moving targets like Delivery trucks or Navy Ships >>

* Artificial intelligence ‘will save wearables’! >>
* Scientists Are Creating a Genetic Chainsaw to Hack Superbug DNA to Bits >>
* The Chemical That Killed Kim Jong-un’s Half-Brother Is Horrifying >>

* Amazon Echo Now Has 10,000 Mostly Useless ‘Skills’ >>
* People built AI bots to improve Wikipedia. Then they started squabbling in petty edit wars, sigh >>
* ‘First ever’ SHA-1 hash collision calculated. All it took were five clever brains… and 6,610 years of processor time >>

* FCC prepares to pull broadband privacy rules adopted last year >>
* Arctic seed vault grows as defense against food crisis >>
* Self-driving care >>

* Cosmic Superclusters, The Universe’s Largest Structures, Don’t Actually Exist >>
* Volkswagen’s e-Golf gets a range boost to 125 miles for 2017 >>

* LG’s ultralight Gram laptops now available starting at $1,000 >>
* ‘RollerCoaster Tycoon’ finally goes 3D on mobile >>

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