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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 24 February 2017

* AI learns to write its own code by stealing from other programs >>
* Google Just ‘Shattered’ An Old Crypto Algorithm — Here’s Why That’s Big For Web Security >>
* EE’s Drones, Balloons Provide Cell Service in Rural UK >>

* Alphabet fights ‘toxic’ comments with machine learning >>
* Amazon Alexa Hits 10,000 Skills. Here Comes the Hard Part >>
* Researchers uncover brain circuitry central to reward-seeking behavior >>

* A New Model for Defeating Cancer: CAR T Cells >>
* How Google Maps APIs are fighting HIV in Kenya >>
* NASA’s Discovery of Seven New Earth-like Planets is Exciting and Terrifying >>

* Vasimr plasma rocket targeting 100 hours continuous operation at 100 kW in 2018 >>
* Verizon is planning 5G tests in 11 cities this year >>
* What do productivity, machine learning and next generation teams have in common? Google Cloud Next ‘17. >>

* Russia announces plans to fly nine tourists to the MOON by 2022 >>
* What 4 Million Solar Panels Look Like from Space >>
* Big bird! 61 million-year-old fossil of giant penguin was the same size as a HUMAN >>

* Intel and Ericsson form an alliance to explore 5G applications >>
* Use of drones for disaster missions put to test >>
* The future of computing may be inside our skulls >>

* There are two very different kinds of AI, and the difference is important >>
* From drugs to galaxy hunting, AI is elbowing its way into boffins’ labs >>
* The Hardlight VR Suit will vibrate all of your bodily buttons >>

* NASA Scientists: “Pluto Flybys Point To Ingredients for Life Below Its Surface” >>
* Capture Confirmed! SpaceX Dragon is Now Berthed to Space Station >>

* Brain-machine interfaces: Bidirectional communication at last >>
* Google preps a 4K set-top box for Fiber homes >>
* Now Anyone Can Deploy Google’s Troll-Fighting AI >>

* High-performance, low-energy artificial synapse for neural network computing >>
* Why Does the Power of the Flu Shot Change Each Year? >>
* Meet China’s triple-hulled warship of the future >>

* Should Anyone Really Control Who Gets to Use CRISPR? >>
* This tiny camera could give drones predator vision >>
* Gorgeous Aerial Footage Makes Me Want to Spend All My Money on a Jetpack >>

* Google Fiber launches its first wireless gigabit project >>
* Can You Really Solve Your Mental Health Problems With an App? >>
* Tech companies speak out against Trump revoking guidelines protecting trans students >>

* Your next phone could shoot slow motion video at a whopping 960 fps >>
* Security researchers announce “first practical” SHA-1 collision attack >>
* Nanostraw doesn’t destroy cells as it samples their guts >>

* How Sound Can Be an Ally or an Enemy of a Healthy Brain >>
* How to make someone fall in love with you in three simple steps >>
* Here’s everything leaving Netflix in March that you need to watch >>

* Researchers pave the way for ionotronic nanodevices >>
* Light-driven reaction converts carbon dioxide into fuel >>
* New nanotech to detect cancer early >>

* Tesla Gigafactory 1 has 35% battery cost reduction to about $124/kWh and Tesla planing for 3 more Gigafactories >>
* Tesla is considering building up to 5 Gigafactories >>
* Sotheby’s launches virtual reality surrealist paintings >>

* Pentagon studies ways to counter hypersonic missile threat from China, Russia >>
* DeepCoder builds programs using code it finds lying around >>

* Here’s what is really holding back international trade >>
* Towards Therapies Capable of Reversing the Progression of Fibrosis >>
* ‘Quartz’ crystals at Earth’s core power its magnetic field >>

* NASA pointer tracking system first responders >>
* Drones to be mobilized for earthquake response >>

* What The Hell Is Machine Learning And Why Do I Need To Know It? >>
* Ai And Automation Are About To Implode Blue Collar Jobs >>
* The Case Of The Missing ‘knight Rider’ Cars >>

* Check Out The First Footage Of Ark Park In Mixed Reality >>
* The iPhone may soon be able to map your face for 3-D selfies >>
* This Man Is About to Blow Up Mathematics >>

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