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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 22 February 2017

* New Paradigm in Microscopy: Atomic Force Microscope on a Chip >>
* The Race to Map the Human Body—One Cell at a Time >>
* NASA’s ‘Exoplanet’ Press Conference –“Will They Reveal Discovery of Another Earth-Like Planet in Alpha Centauri Star System? >>

* Intuition Is The Highest Form Of Intelligence >>
* Flourescent biotechnology for high lighting solid cancer for more complete surgical removal >>
* New Record: Paralyzed Man Uses Brain Implant to Type 8 Words Per Minute >>

* Paleoanthropologist seems quite sure that hybrid elephant embryo with wooly mammoth characteristics will not be created within two years >>
* Robots Will Soon Do Your Taxes. Bye-Bye, Accounting Jobs >>

* Intel supercharges Atom chips with 16 cores and pro-level features >>
* Visual Geocoding A Quarter Billion Global News Photographs Using Google’s Deep Learning API >>
* Google’s VR painting app lands on the Oculus Rift >>

* MIT creates an intelligent power supply that lets hardware sip energy >>
* 56-hour groundbreaking face transplant surgery gives man a new face >>
* Artificial synapse could be key to brain-like computing >>

* $150 coffee mug keeps your coffee hot for 24 hours >>
* It’s a bird…It’s a plane…It’s an edible aid drone >>
* I’ll miss TV screens in planes >>

* Intel’s mobile future is in blazing modems as it buries Atom failure >>
* Want Your Company To Stay Relevant? Start Learning How To Harness AI >>
* If AI Can Fix Peer Review in Science, AI Can Do Anything >>

* UPS wants UAVs to cover its ‘last mile’ deliveries >>
* Stages of Electronics; Cellphones as a fifth-order elaboration of Maxwell’s theory >>
* First Cast Photo From the Han Solo Movie >>

* ‘Meditating mice’ reveal how mindfulness training can reduce anxiety >>
* CRISPR gene editing is undergoing rapid development and improvement >>
* It’s time to start thinking about what Google will name Android O >>

* Drug treatment could combat hearing loss >>
* LTE speeds outpace home internet with new Qualcomm and Intel modems >>
* Brain Imaging Identifies Different Types of Depression >>

* Recipe for room temperature superconductors from California Institute of Technology >>
* Graphene oxide supercapacitor commercial prototype targeted within 2 years >>
* Nanostructured electrode could boost lithium battery storage by 50% >>

* Molten Silicon thermal energy storage system has higher energy density and ten times lower cost than lithium ion batteries for utility storage >>
* Search For Alien Life – Exploring Saturn’s Moon Enceladus Has Major Impact | Video >>

* Rescuing Government Data From Trump Has Become a National Movement >>
* Should we mine the deep ocean? >>
* Bots are made possible by recent advances in artificial intelligence, user interface, and communication. >>

* Brightest, Most Distant Pulsar in the Observable Universe –“1,000 Times More Luminous Than Thought Possible” >>
* Interstellar Conference News >>
* An Active Night over the Magellan Telescopes >>

* Virtual reality will take ‘maybe a decade’ to become mainstream >>
* Ep. 440: Destroy and Rebuild, Pt. 4: Supervolcanoes! >>
* Drone Captures Amazing Footage Of Falcon 9 Landing >>

* More Rumors About the Big Villain of Wonder Woman >>
* The Mobile Revolution Is Just Beginning >>
* All grown up: The IoT market today >>

* How AI And Real-Time Machine Data Helps Kone Move Millions Of People A Day >>
* Exercise reduces death from breast cancer relapse by 40 per cent >>

* What Inequality Does to the Brain >>
* Spot the Lemur! Researchers reveal facial recognition developed for criminals is being used to spot endangered species >>
* This evil-looking device charges your phone wirelessly, may also haunt your dreams >>

* Chess players on ‘smart drugs’ are bad at time management >>
* People are raving about the world’s first ‘approved’ birth control app — but there’s a big reason it might not work for you >>

* Intel and Qualcomm are steadily gearing up for 5G >>
* Qualcomm chip promises phone data that’s faster than fiber >>
* The Future IRL: Deliveries via robot >>

* Piloted hoverbike redefines ‘dangerous’ >>
* Has There Been A “Nuclear Incident” In The Arctic? >>

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