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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 20 February 2017

* SpaceX Launches and Lands Rocket to Internation Space Station >>
* Juno Will Get No Closer To Jupiter Due To Engine Troubles >>
* Unlocking the potential of eye tracking technology >>

* 2017 Slam Dunk Contest (FULL VIDEO) NBA All Star >>
* First Self-Driving Car Race On a Pro Track Ends With a Crash >>
* SpaceX’s Next Launch Carries Colonies Of A Drug-Resistant Superbug >>

* Alaska Gets ‘Artificial Aurora’ As HAARP Antenna Array Listens Again >>
* Smart City Tech Would Make Military Bases Safer >>

* Robot probe no. 2 dies while exploring a Fukushima reactor >>
* CRS-10 | Falcon 9 First Stage Landing >>

* Spacex will delay their first unmanned Red Dragon Mars mission until 2020 >>
* DNA nanocomputer detect antibodies and could be used to control drug delivery into the bloodstream >>
* The United Arab Emirates wants to build a city on Mars >>

* Lab grown meat prices have dropped 30,000 times in less than four years >>
* Perovskite mixed into solar ink can print 20.1% efficient solar onto glass or plastic >>

* Why is NASA is Exploring an Alien World in Antarctica? (VIDEO/AUDIO) >>
* Lego Has a New Space Shuttle and It Looks Awesome >>
* Debt Agency forecasts economic slowdown in China but no financial crisis >>

* Where-the-worlds-wealthiest-invest-their-billions >>
* Getting Started With VR Interface Design >>
* The simple question about self-driving cars that we still can’t answer >>

* Facebook plans to use AI to identify terrorist propaganda >>
* This Country Is Leading The Robot Revolution >>
* Scientists have discovered how to find your bad memories and DELETE them from your mind for good >>

* Smartphones to become pocket doctors after scientists discover camera flash and microphone can be used to diagnose illness >>
* Mars might already be building rings from its moons >>
* Trump is in the wrong place at the wrong time when it comes to the stock market >>

* Trump is promising big changes at the FDA — here’s how drugs are approved today >>
* Outer space particles wreaking havoc on your gadgets: Study >>
* Spaceflight Squishes Spacefarers’ Brains >>

* Google tests LTE phone calls on Project Fi >>
* SpaceX’s Next Launch Carries Colonies Of A Drug-Resistant Superbug >>
* Field in View: Microsoft And Sony Are Set To Battle For VR Dominance At E3 2017 >>

* Humanity is on the cusp of de-extincting the Wooly Mammoth >>
* 6 Reasons Why China is Leading VR Growth Worldwide >>

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