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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 17 February 2017

* SpaceX Launching Lightning Tracker, ‘Three-Eyed’ Raven, Deadly Superbug for NASA >>
* Underwater ‘Space Base’ Used For Mars Mission Simulation | Highlight Video >>
* Video Of Green Comet 45p Puts You Close To The Action >>

* Elon Musk wants to speed up tunneling by 10 times and lower costs by 10 to 100 tines and create 30 layers of mostly underground cities >>
* Disney develops Wireless Power Transfer and demonstrates safe transfer of 1900 watts with 40-95% efficiency >>
* Model-Based Systems Engineering in Real Life >>

* Google Fiber Sheds Workers As It Looks to a Wireless Future >>
* Modeling Reality: Putting Systems Engineering Theory into Practice. >>
* Oak Ridge National Lab Neutronic and Fuel Cycle Analysis of the Transatomic Power Molten Salt Reactor >>

* Magnetic Control Could Help Robots Navigate Inside Your Body >>
* NASA Looks to Speed Timetable for Putting Astronauts in Deep Space >>

* The Winners of NASA’s Space Poop Competition Are Full of Good Ideas >>
* The Zuckerberg manifesto: How he plans to debug the world >>
* You Can Now Easily Connect to Your Raspberry Pi From Anywhere In World With VNC Connect >>

* Oxsight uses augmented reality to aid the visually impaired >>
* How Alphabet’s Project Loon balloons learned to loiter >>
* Dobby’s foldable pocket drone is the perfect mix of portability and functionality >>

* This futuristic wind generator is actually bladeless >>
* Pondering post-PC life, Intel dabbles in drones with $1,099 quadcopter >>
* Google’s A.I. Duet experiment lets you jam with the machine >>

* The New X-Plane Flight Sim Is So Ridiculously Detailed, It Even Has Catering Trucks >>
* China’s Artificial-Intelligence Boom >>
* Baidu furthers AI push with acquisition of digital assistant startup Raven Tech >>

* ZTE’s next phone will have gigabit download speeds >>
* Judge rules CRISPR-Cas9 patents belong to Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT >>
* Flying cars will never take off, claims Elon Musk as he reveals Nannie, the giant tunneling machine his ‘boring’ company is considering buying >>

* NASA wants you — to find a missing planet >>
* Astronomers find 60 new planets >>
* Mark Zuckerberg Shares Facebook’s Plan to Bring the Global Community Together >>

* Donald Trump: ‘I inherited a mess’ >>
* NASA has no protocol for dealing with aliens >>
* The F-35 may finally be ready for prime time >>

* The world’s most-advanced aircraft carrier is one step closer to completion >>
* Elon Musk says flying cars won’t fix traffic problems — here’s why >>
* Tech workers, New Zealand wants you >>

* Is the US Air Force’s X-37B space plane finally set to land after secret two year mission? >>
* Should robots be given their own legal status as ‘electronic persons’? >>
* Get ready for the ‘stretchphone’: Radical new circuits could lead to shape changing screens and smart clothes and wallpaper >>

* This Is Why Sending Messages to Aliens Might Be a Good Idea >>
* Harvard and M.I.T. Scientists Win Gene-Editing Patent Fight >>
* What Shape Is the Universe? >>

* Deep Space Projects for Citizen Scientists >>
* Colossal Galaxy in Center of Phoenix Cluster Creating 1,000 New Stars a Year –Fed By Its Supermassive Black Hole (VIDEO Tour) >>
* Great Space Observatories of the Future –PBS Space Time Video >>

* Electron Rocket Arrives Launch Pad In New Zealand | Video >>
* Nasa To Study Launching Astronauts On 1st Sls/Orion Flight >>
* SpaceX Launching Lightning Tracker, ‘Three-Eyed’ Raven, Deadly Superbug for NASA >>

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