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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 16 February 2017

* NASA to Study Launching Astronauts on 1st SLS Mission >>
* Blastoff! Record 104 Satellites Launched On Indian Rocket | Video >>
* Lytro pursues 360-degree video and cinematic tools with $60M Series D >>

* NASA’s About to Launch a ‘Three-Eyed’ Raven Into Space >>
* AI Predicts Autism From Infant Brain Scans >>
* IBM wants to bring machine learning to the mainframe >>

* Microsoft open sources a simulator for training drones, self-driving cars and more >>
* Microsoft will unveil Xbox Project Scorpio on June 11th >>
* Here’s Why This Cat-Spotting AI Is Different >>

* Amazon’s drones could PARACHUTE your shopping to your door >>
* IMAX opens first VR theater in Los Angeles >>
* What’s on TV? Facebook. >>

* Terahertz wireless could lead to fiber-optics speed in-flight and mobile metropolitan internet >>
* Virtual reality weather add-ons let you feel the sun and wind >>
* An Autonomous Passenger Drone Seems Like a Terrible Idea >>

* Dream Chaser Spacecraft May Be Used For Hubble Repair Mission >>
* In an age of robots, schools are teaching our children to be redundant >>
* Spanner, the Google Database That Mastered Time, Is Now Open to Everyone >>

* How to Poop in Space: NASA Unveils Winners of Space Poop Challenge >>
* Microsoft is Granted Patents for a Mobile Camera for Prescription Glasses and the Xbox Controller with a Twist >>
* Amazon was Granted Patents Today for their Echo Home Device and a Drone Dock atop a Mobile Crossdock >>

* IBM’s hub for wearables could shorten your hospital stay >>
* How to build your own bio-bot >>
* 88 Dove cubesats will provide frequently updated coverage the earth’s landmass at 3 to 5 meter resolution >>

* Your brain always has a backup plan >>
* Trump administration investigating the large scale development of space with Spacex and Blue Origin likely big winners >>
* Another plan for a larger future US Navy >>
* Space X Founder Elon Musk –“We’ll Evolve as a Merger of Biological and Digital Intelligence” (VIDEO) >>

* Scientists may have just made a malaria vaccine breakthrough >>
* Ozobot raises $3 million for toys that teach kids coding basics off-screen >>
* Why is Verizon offering unlimited data again? >>

* This 3D-printed wheelchair could greatly improve lives of wheelchair users >>
* IoT buttons hit the enterprise, Directory launch and more >>
* Floating magnetic clock can be controlled through an app to track your life journeys >>

* This tiny robot arm can copy anything you draw >>
* Encryption Apps Help White House Staffers Leak—and Maybe Break the Law >>
* MakerBot lays off 30% of its staff as company’s scope narrows >>

* The Rise of AI Makes Emotional Intelligence More Important >>
* IBM scientists team with The Weather Company to bring edge computing to life >>
* Two new drug therapies might cure every form of tuberculosis >>

* Researchers Believe Depression Once Offered Humans an Evolutionary Advantage >>
* AI is learning to speed read >>

* Tiny 3D-printed camera lens could give drones vision like ours >>
* Alzheimer’s Drug Fails in Another Crushing Disappointment >>
* Fancy climbing Mount Everest without leaving home? New virtual reality experience lets users ‘explore’ the world’s highest peak >>

* The maths problems that could win you a million dollars >>
* What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger: Cells become more efficient after going through stress by eating unwanted body tissue >>

* Can Artificial Intelligence Predict Earthquakes? >>
* A box to control all those TV boxes >>

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