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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 15 February 2017

* Feel like a spot of planet-hunting? Here’s 1,600 suns worth of data >>
* DARPA’s new drone wants to cover the sea with air support >>
* Uber Has a Murder Problem >>

* AI is learning to speed read >>
* Monkeys Learn to Pass a Classic Test For Self-Awareness >>
* Google Paid ‘F-You Money’ At Self-Driving Car Project So Staffers Quit When They Got Rich >>

* A university was attacked by its lightbulbs, vending machines and lamp posts >>
* To compete with YouTube, Facebook is preparing to launch connected TV apps >>
* Valentine’s Day Is Now Banned In Pakistan >>

* To Get AI in Everyday Gadgets, Engineers Go to Specialized Hardware >>
* Factory Owners are Reluctant to Embrace Wireless >>
* India Is Poised to Set a New Space Record Tomorrow >>

* Google launches Cloud Spanner, its new globally distributed relational database service >>
* MIT develops a speech recognition chip that uses a fraction of the power of existing technologies >>
* Computer program ‘stretches’ lungs to mimic emphysema >>

* WEARING your luggage: The ‘Airport Jacket’ has enough pockets to hold 15kg of items >>
* Virtual reality device can simulate WEATHER including wind in your face and sun on your back >>
* U.S. scientists say DNA editing of human cells is ‘a realistic possibility that deserves serious consideration >>

* Your brain conjures up all the possible actions you could take BEFORE you make a decision >>
* Broken California Dam Is a Sign of Emergencies to Come >>
* Why All Americans Should Be Worried About the Oroville Dam Crisis >>

* Graphene foam supports more than 3,000X its weight >>
* Human genome editing shouldn’t be used for enhancement – yet >>
* World’s Largest Wind-Mapping Project Spins Up in Portugal >>

* Scientists discover gene that stops overeating and actually makes you CRAVE exercise >>
* Rolls-Royce Pays High Price for Past Sins ($5.8 billion) >>
* Elon Musk: Humans must merge with machines or become irrelevant in AI age >>

* Talking to a Computer May Soon Be Enough to Diagnose Illness >>
* “The Relentless Pace of Automation” >>
* Google’s New AI Has Learned to Become “Highly Aggressive” in Stressful Situations >>

* NASA’s Hubble Telescope Observes a Comet 100,000-Times Larger Than Halley’s >>
* “One Hundred New Alien Planets!” –Including One Orbiting the 4th Closest Star to Our Sun >>
* Pulsing Stars Reveal Orbiting Planets –“The Link Is a Mystery That Can’t Be Explained” >>

* “Hubble’s Heroic Future” –Trump White House Mulls Sending a Manned Spacecraft to Upgrade the Space Telescope (VIDEO) >>
* More Alien Worlds? New Data Haul Identifies 100+ Possible Exoplanets >>
The Tiny Yellow Box That Could Save Millions >>

* Chips coming by June will herald the next generation of Wi-Fi: 802.11ax >>
* Using Virtual Reality To Get Inside An Ailing Person’s World >>
* Driving in rain is no problem for this self-driving car >>

* Virtual nurse app Sense.ly raises $8 million from investors including the Mayo Clinic >>
* ICYMI: Transient luminous events and bipedal robots >>
* PleVR Is Like The Matrix Stockroom Scene For Your Movies, TV Shows And Music >>

* Scientists are making VR displays that match your eyesight >>
* Where do women look when sizing each other up? >>
* Google tweaks Clock app design in new 5.0 update >>

* India’s Aadhaar with biometric details of its billion citizens is making experts uncomfortable >>
* Self-made stars >>
* Playboy Is Featuring Naked Women Again >>

* Leaked Windows 10 Changes, Cortana Suggested Reminders, Visual Studio 2017 Details >>
* The Unlimited Data Party Will Last Until the Big Four Become the Big Three >>
* Formula E’s next-generation cars get their first concept shots >>

* AI learns to recognize exotic states of matter >>
* Warren Buffett’s Best Investment >>
* ‘The LEGO Batman Movie’ Actually Has The Best Batman Movie Storyline In History >>

* Artificial Intelligence technical talent with F-you money do not hesitate to say F-you and leave for their own startups >>
* Dubai plans roll out of chinese single passenger Ehang 184 self-flying pod taxis starting July 2017 >>
* Elon Musk says that humans must have a high bandwidth cyborg connection to computers to remain relevant in the age of Artificial Intelligence >>

* Russia’s New Missile Violates a Cold War Treaty But We’re Sure Trump Will Tell Putin What’s What >>
* How NASA is planning to touch the sun >>
* The Lego Cinematic Universe Is More Layered Than You Realized >>

* There’s a New Actor Playing R2-D2 in Star Wars: The Last Jedi >>
* Top Science Organization Releases Guidelines For Genetically Engineering Humans >>

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