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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 8 February 2017

* SideArm Catches Full-Size Unmanned Aerial System Flying at Full Speed >>
* DARPA aims to develop an integrated end-to-end platform that uses nucleic acid sequences to halt the spread of viral infections in sixty days or less >>
* New Laser Based on Unusual Physics Phenomenon Could Improve Telecommunications, Computing and More >>

* Israeli Startup Goji Is Planning the Oven of the Future >>
* SpaceX plans to launch a rocket every two weeks >>
* VR Sense is an arcade machine that lets you feel snow in your face and bugs at your feet >>

* Scientists Measure Single Quantum of Heat >>
* Researchers have found a way to trace your spit to migration patterns across the US >>
* First stable semisynthetic organism created >>

* Scientists Have a Crazy Hunch About Why the Sun Is Spinning Too Slowly >>
* AI For Matching Images With Spoken Word Gets A Boost From MIT >>
* Tesla Model S P100D just hit a ridiculous record in new speed test >>

* Elon Musk’s Surprising Reason Why Everyone Will Be Equal in the Future >>
* Pimax 8K VR Headset Not Yet Ready For Primetime, But 4k Model Impresses >>

* A real flying submarine drone >>
* Check out the magic of this device…it turns any surface into a keyboard >>
* The Real Threat Is Machine Incompetence, Not Intelligence >>

* Google is helping H&M construct a custom dress based on your personal data >>
* Millions of Tesla battery cells are powering thousands of LA homes >>
* Playing ‘Portal’ On The HoloLens Looks So, So Cool >>

* Logitech’s Brio is a luxurious 4K HDR webcam with Windows Hello biometric support >>
* Logitech’s 4K webcam will make your chats more cinematic >>
* Spacex could nearly launch as many times in 2017 as they did from 2010 to 2016 >>

* Google Remakes the Satellite Business, by Leaving It >>
* The Future IRL: Everyone gets an R2D2 >>
* Men, test your fertility at home with this smartphone app >>

* ‘Rock Band VR’ is coming to the Oculus Rift on March 23rd >>
* Quantum Physics Tells Us Our Fate Is Not Written In The Stars >>
* LG about to unveil a smartphone with edge-to-edge display >>

* BMW and Lowe’s among investors pouring $45 million into Desktop Metal, the 3D printer startup >>
* Japanese team unveils terahertz band 100 Gbps wireless tech >>
* Virtual monopoly on UK cell towers and TV masts up for sale >>

* NASA Engineer Hired to Work on Uber’s Flying-Car Project >>
* E-cigarettes Might Actually Be A Safe Tool For Quitting Smoking >>
* We Should Definitely Replace the Olympics With These Badass Indoor Skydiving Wind Games >>

* Concorde’s last journey: Supersonic jetliner is towed to its final home >>
* Printed ‘lab on a chip’ costs a penny and catches disease early >>
* Why Humans Prefer to Be the Center of the Universe >>

* Silicon Valley Hedge Fund Takes On Wall Street With AI Trader >>
* ‘Like a painting’ — How Apple’s $5 billion campus was built >>
* Wanted: Factory Workers, Degree Required >>

* Danny Rand Discovers He Can’t Go Home Again in a Giant New Iron Fist Trailer >>
* Like Its Star, The Lego Batman Movie Tries Way Too Hard to Be Cool >>
* The Scariest Thrill Ride in the World Trades Safety for Sheer Terror >>

* Developers Showcase Incredible Full Body Tracking With Vive >>
* Oculus Is Building an AR Incubation Team to Prototype New Hardware >>
* Microsoft Announces Siri Competitor with Voice-Activated VR Experience >>

* Scientists can’t seem to figure out how ancient Mars got so warm >>
* New Google Brain research brings the ‘zoom and enhance’ trope to reality >>
* Sony’s latest smartphone camera sensor can shoot at 1,000fps >>

* Congress is trying to make it harder for law enforcement to read your emails >>
* Control your connected home with a wave of your hand >>

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