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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 3 February 2017

* Bat-inspired robot swoops and dives like the real thing >>
* Heat-Sensitive Skin Could Let Prosthetics Feel Warmth >>
* Swarms of Disposable Drones Will Make Critical Deliveries and Then Vanish >>

* Man indicted with arson and fraud after double-cross by his pacemaker >>
* Enhanced hydrogel could be used to create artificial skin >>
* A breath monitor could soon be used to detect the flu >>

* Incredible TWO BILLION pixel image of the universe that reveals the celestial cat’s paw meeting the cosmic lobster >>
* This microchip is actually a miniaturized living, breathing human lung >>

* Gel-based robot hand can grab and release fish >>
* Tiny self-flying drone camera can be clipped onto your phone >>
* World’s first 3D printed bridge is unveiled >>

* Revealed: 83 gene variants that affect your height are discovered – and one makes you an INCH taller >>
* Galactic X-rays could point to dark matter proof >>

* Apple Watch patent reveals plans for a WEARABLE battery charger >>
* The virtual reality ‘mirror game’ that could help diagnose schizophrenia before it’s too late >>
* Human stem cells hunt down and kill brain cancer >>

* Physicists Call for a Soccer-Field-Sized Quantum Computer >>
* Are Wormholes a Dead End for Faster-Than-Light Travel? >>
* Could THIS stop heroin addictions? Scientists discover electroshock therapy helps to reduce cravings >>

* Self-driving car prototypes only need humans to take the wheel once every 5,000 miles >>
* Why Richard Branson Says You Should Never See Yourself As ‘Big Business’ >>

* A Conversation about Friendship, Failure, and the Future >>
* Researchers need more proof from Harvard of the claim for the creation of solid metallic hydrogen which is a holy grail of physics >>
* Facebook’s AI image search can ‘see’ what’s in photos >>

* Studying Proxima b: Tiny Sailing Probes Could Orbit Nearby Exoplanet >>
* Proxima Centauri: The Problem of Arrival >>
* Venus Had an Ocean and Habitable Surface Temperatures for Two Billion Years (VIDEO) >>

* The 2,578 Problems With Self-Driving Cars >>
* IoT Device Test Challenges >>
* A decelerating gravity slingshot and solar pressure could be used to slow an interstellar solar sail travelling up to 4.6% of lightspeed >>

* China’s first home built aircraft carrier could eventually deploy the South China Sea >>
* NASA’s 2020 Mars Rover Faces Challenges >>
* Skywatching Planets, Comets and Zodiacal Light In February 2017 | Video >>

* SpaceX test fires the first Falcon 9 it landed on a barge >>
* Microsoft asks for exemptions to Trump’s immigration order for visa holders >>
* Machine Learning And Analytics: What’s Your First Step? >>

* Want to get better sleep? Move to Argentina! Researchers use a TRILLION measurements to rank the world’s best and worst sleep patterns >>
* A new study could change the way we treat brain tumours >>

* Nation’s largest network is down and everyone’s making a Trump joke >>
* AT&T will launch 5G wireless in two cities this year >>
* Star Wars: Battlefront 2’s Single-Player Could Be A Lot Like ‘Battlefield 1’ >>

* Trump’s Supreme Court Pick Could Shape Bioethics for Generations >>
* $100 million Breakthrough Starshot small interstellar probe project will start funding technological development in a few months >>
* Guy Gets a String of Tattoos Around His Body That Come to Life When He Spins Around >>

* Trinamic Surfing ‘Automation’ Wave >>
* Researchers investigate the potential of metal grids for electronic components >>
* 3D Printing in Formula 1: Ferrari to 3D Print Pistons? >>

* What Will Things Be Like in Five Years? >>
* 30 years later, Trump’s 1987 book ‘The Art of the Deal’ still says a lot about the way he views leadership >>
* ICYMI: Spinning synthetic veins and emotion-sensing smartwatch apps >>

* Santa was very good to Amazon this year >>
* Desktop Showcase >>

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