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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 22 January 2017

* Researchers use ultrasound to push helpful RNA inside cells >>
* Samsung’s Siri competitor will be able to SEE: Bixby will use the camera for visual searches and will even be able to read text >>
* Screaming Airplane Baby No Match For World’s First Bionic Earphones >>

* Superfast Camera Sees Shockwave From Light >>
* World’s first commercial fusion reactor could be ready by 2027 >>
* Wifi woes: Researchers find 45% of connection attempts hit problems,AI could be the answer >>

* “Neural Tourniquet” Zaps a Nerve to Stop Bleeding >>
* Russia and US planning historic joint mission to Venus >>
* ICYMI: A soft robot sleeve to keep your heart going >>

* The F-35 will soon be equipped with artificial intelligence to control drone wingmen >>
* Data Mining Solves the Mystery of Your Slow Wi-Fi Connection >>
* DARPA makes progress on paper and polymer drones that degrade in days after delivering cargo >>

* China’s 1st Hack-Proof Quantum Satellite: “Now Operational” –Launches a New World >>
* Russia is an active but shrinking geopolitical player future, bipolar between USA and China >>
* Official America First Energy Plan embraces $50 trillion in uptapped shale oil and gas >>

* Gene-Edited Animals Face U.S. Regulatory Crackdown >>
* US will be building missile defenses and 350 ship navy >>
* Data Divination; Predict events shouldn’t blind us to the humans behind it >>

* Kristen Stewart Co-Authored Research Paper About Artificial Intelligence >>
* The Terminator Will Be Back Thanks to James Cameron and Tim Miller >>
* Cats Acting Out Scenes from Star Wars and Other Movies Is Really Fantastic >>

* Last Minute, Trump Asks Nuclear Safety Administrator to Stick Around After All >>
* Scientists Are Searching For Life On This Nearby Exoplanet >>
* Going To Space Helped Teach The World To Work Together >>

* Can You Brew Beer On the Moon? >>
* Spandex Exosuits, A Hugging Robot, And Other Amazing Images Of The Week >>

* Mastering Interior Minimalism >>
* NASA Explains What Really Matters In 2016’s Extraordinary Temperature Data >>
* Seeing the Northern Lights at 35,000 Feet Is the Best Reason to Fly to Iceland >>

* Trump’s Age of Ignorance Threatens Humanity >>
* This May Be The Most Promising Herpes Vaccine Ever >>
* The Humble Logarithm >>

* The genomics intelligence revolution >>
* A robotic sleeve that wraps around your heart could help it keep beating >>

* The inauguration of President Donald Trump >>
* Donald Trump’s FACE gives away his leadership style >>
* Trump is @POTUS! Presidential Twitter account changes hands, Melania takes over @FLOTUS >>
* Obama’s legacy: The most tech-savvy president >>
* Trump Reportedly Interested in a Mars Mission >>

* Some NASA Transition Team Members to Remain After Inauguration >>
* 6 Things to Know About Trump and NASA >>
* Trump team prepares dramatic cuts >>

* The nuclear plant that can fit on the back of a truck: Radical mini reactor could power cities >>
* TV networks to take on Netflix by releasing EVERY episode of hit shows online for binge watchers >>

* Blood test might predict who can survive Ebola >>
* The incredible anti-vibration material that could protect everything from entire buildings during earthquakes to preterm babies being moved >>
* VR SciFi Flick Lawnmower Man Gets Series Reboot in Actual Virtual Reality >>

* Robots will be able to sense when humans are nearby using electronic ‘snake skin’ inspired by viper attacks >>
* Society is ‘on a collision course’ with driverless cars, Davos leaders warned >>

* Lasers and Drones Help Preserve Ancient Temples >>
* An $11 billion hedge fund is betting President Trump will cause violent stock market movements >>
* Google’s former king of search is joining Uber to lead the engineering team >>

* IBM Watson wants to help streetlights become smarter >>
* How Silicon Valley Utopianism Brought You the Dystopian Trump Presidency >>
* Ten Atomic Clocks Have Failed on Europe’s Galileo Navigation Satellites >>

* 2017, welcome to the era of populism >>
* Making AI systems that see the world as humans do >>
* Artificial intelligence is growing so fast, even Google’s co-founder is surprised >>

* Scientists: Carbon Nanotubes Would Outperform Silicon Transistors at the Same Scale >>
* Lightweight Car production with disruptive 3D print process >>
* Chip-sized, high-speed terahertz modulator raises possibility of faster data transmission >>

* Creating atomic scale graphene nanoribbons >>
* Feds Call Tesla’s AutoPilot Safe >>

* Technology for making Death Star Sized Structures will have technical feasibility in the next 20 years >>
* Advanced MP-MRI can detect 93% of aggressive prostrate cancers compared to 48% with older methods >>
* US Military already has smart bombs, smart bullets and now DARPA making guided artillery shells >>

* Microbes Could Survive Thin Air of Mars >>
* A Vision to Bootstrap the Solar System Economy >>
* It’s About To Get Even Easier to Hide on the Dark Web >>

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