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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 20 January 2017

* Soft Robot Hugs Your Heart to Keep It Pumping >>
* For $149 a Month, the Doctor Will See You as Often as You Want >>
* China aims to build world’s first exascale supercomputer prototype by end of 2017 >>

* AxonVR Brings Realistic Touch Sensations to Virtual Reality >>
* Preparing for the Next Epidemic: A First Step >>
* Microsoft Thinks Machines Can Learn to Converse by Making Chat a Game >>

* Wearable sensors can alert you when you are getting sick, Stanford study shows >>
* This Machine Lets Your Smartphone Analyze Dna >>
* Billion-Dollar Project Aims to Prep Vaccines before Epidemics Hit >>

* Finally, a juicer that doesn’t need cleaning >>
* AI software is figuring out how to best humans at designing new AI software >>
* Fighting Cancer’s Crisis of Confidence, One Study at a Time >>

* Netflix Beats Subscriber Count Target By 36% As Growth Strategy Pays Off >>
* Foxconn as it looks to print next-gen AR displays >>
* How the Human Brain Decides What Is Important and What’s Not >>

* Wearable Sensors Spot Lyme Disease >>
* Is Net Neutrality Good or Bad for Innovation? >>
* Velodyne Plans a Lidar Megafactory >>

* Growing new human eyes and reversing paralysis in the past twelve months are just the start of a Stem Cell Revolution >>
* Memristor can do multistate processing as well as nonvolatile memory >>
* Five Major Cancer Studies Are Proving Difficult to Reproduce >>

* New System Could Connect Cell Phones to Real Cells and Treat Disease >>
* US army wants to fire swarm of weaponised drones from a missile >>
* Atlas V to launch missile warning satellite >>

* Air Force to Launch Missile-Warning Satellite Tonight: Watch It Live >>
* Geoengineering Earth’s Atmosphere: How It Could Affect Astronomy >>

* Recycling the Planet –“Heat from Earth’s Core Drives Plate Dynamics” >>
* Cautionary Tale of “No More Woof,” a Crowdfunded Gadget to Read Your Dog’s Thoughts >>

* Single soap bubble made on earth that is 11 meters across but low earth orbit space bubbles could be hundreds of kilometers across >>
* BAE wants to enhance the reflective properties of the atmosphere which make desert mirages to create massive lens or shields >>
* NASA sending robot mission to arrive in 2030 at largest metallic asteroid in solar system >>

* Woman dies from antibiotic-resistant bacteria when no antibiotics worked >>
* South Korea making a 1000 kilometer per hour low pressure tube high speed train that will go from Seoul to Busan in 30 minutes >>
* The Latest Annoying Sound Showing Up in Every Dang Movie Trailer >>

* It’s Not In Your Head: The Weather Is Weirder, And Climate Change Is The Reason Why >>
* New American Airlines Fare Doesn’t Let You Bring Overhead Baggage >>
* Scientists Feed Cows Onions to Make Them Stop Farting So Much Methane >>

* Square Kilometre Array precursor shrinks 5TB of data to 22MB – every second! >>
* What the Hell Happened to Mozilla and Firefox? >>
* Super Mario Run Jumps to Android in March >>

* Uptane Will Protect Your Connected Car From Hackers >>
* Netflix’s Subscriber Boom Shows the World is Accepting Internet TV >>
* Apple might introduce new Apple Pencil with new iPads this year >>

* How to Watch Trump’s Presidential Inauguration >>
* Google has some bad news for Trump ahead of his big day >>
* Resisting Trump: How his chaotic nuclear policy might play out >>

* Microsoft is beta testing a feature that brings Cortana to Android’s lock screen >>
* How Much Will AI Decrease The Need For Human Labor? >>
* Google Maps will soon get you where you need to go, then help you park >>

* Ants can navigate while walking BACKWARDS using just the sun and their memories >>
* The $2.4-Billion Plan to Steal a Rock from Mars >>
* Could A Planet Like Coruscant Exist? >>

* The Ultimate Cure for the Fake-News Epidemic Will Be More Skeptical Readers >>
* Nasa creates a £80 self-sharpening knife that you will NEVER have to replace >>
* Brain’s “Helper” Cells Turn Toxic in Injury and Disease >>

* Brainwaves could act as your password – but not if you’re drunk >>
* iPhone 8 will recognize its owner’s face: Handset will have special laser sensors >>
* 300lb Caspian tiger could soon roam Central Asia once again >>

* The Future of Global Risk: A View from Davos >>
* DARPA is demonstrating a robotic co-pilot for planes and helicopters >>
* Scientists think they’ve spotted mud cracks on the surface of Mars >>

* Physicists who created ‘pure nothingness’ say they detected something astonishing inside of it >>
* ResearchVR Podcast 30 – 360-Degree Cameras with Robert Scoble and Sacha Tueni >>
* Tilt Brush Toolkit Turns Artists Into Animators With Unity Integration >>

* Researchers have found a way to pair cells to smartphones >>
* ICYMI: The U.S. Army is making actual hover bikes >>
* Google Home support coming to LG’s Music Flow speakers >>

* Swiss cops use anti-drone guns at the World Economic Forum >>

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