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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 11 January 2017

* Thanks to AI, Computers Can Now See Your Health Problems >>
* Meet the New AI Challenging Human Poker Pros >>
* Drunk Mice Get the Munchies >>

* Why 2016 was actually a year of hope >>
* Conversational Interaction Conference >>
* MIT researchers design one of the strongest, lightest materials known >>

* SteamVR Tracking Could Be 2017’s Most Important VR Technology >>
* The 2017 machine learning outlook >>
* 10 Prominent Developers Detail Their 2017 Predictions for The VR/AR Industry >>

* Smith shows us their brainwave-sensing sunglasses >>
* Google Voice is getting an upgrade >>
* MIT model reveals role of inhibitory neurons in the brain >>

* Smart umbrella always gives you a rain check >>
* Top cop suggests strapping Wi-Fi jammers on teen cybercriminals >>
* A Mysterious Killer Algae Just Got a Little Less Puzzling >>

* Scientists may have discovered the ‘missing element’ deep inside Earth’s core >>
* Norway Is Killing FM Radio Tomorrow >>
* Asteroid nearly gave Earth a new feature, two days after its discovery >>

* New smart ball is a learning tool specially designed for autistic children >>
* Top 9 ethical issues in artificial intelligence >>
* So much for progress! Why are flights taking LONGER now than they did in the 1970s? >>

* Exploding Binary Stars Will Light Up The Sky In 2022 >>
* Very Large Telescope To Be Upgraded For Alpha Centauri Planets Search | Video >>
* What Came Before the Big Bang? –Intriguing New Theories on the Origin of Time >>

* NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope –Star-Casted Shadows Reveal Alien Planets >>
* A Machine Astronomer Could Help Us Find the Unknowns in the Universe >>
* Space Shuttle Endeavour Exhibit Gains Flight-Worthy Solid Rocket Boosters >>

* Global technological disruption and the predicted pace and scale of possible disruptions >>
* Nanowire ‘inks’ enable low-cost paper- or plastic-based printable electronics >>
* MIT Wants You To Help Teach Morality To Self-Driving Cars >>

* Waymo Shows Off Its Home-Grown Robocar Hardware >>
* Marissa Mayer Will Resign From Yahoo’s Board, Yahoo to Get a New Dumb Name >>
* New Report Shows That Luxury Spending Is Down, While Global Instability Is Up >>

* Start Caring About VR And 360-Degree Video >>
* Mall cop robot startup Knightscope is launching a “mini-IPO” >>
* LG’s cute little Hub Robot bosses your smart appliances around >>

* Can AI Make The Sexiest 21st Century Job Obsolete? >>
* Huge tarantula is seen eating a foot-long SNAKE in terrifying scene never before witnessed >>

* Researchers are giving religious leaders hallucinogenic drugs to understand mystical experiences >>
* A Bumblebee Gets New Protection on Obama’s Way Out >>
* The US Navy is building an autonomous underwater drone to hunt down enemy submarines >>

* Can Teeth Repair Themselves Without Fillings? >>
* CamFi launches Matrix software for multiple camera control >>

* Obama versus Trump: 5 Medical and Science Stances >>
* Trump and Space: Panel Forecasts Changes to Come >>
* Yes, America Is Descending Into Totalitarianism >>
* A divided empire: what the urban-rural split means for the future of America >>
* Internet Won’t Let Trump Get Away With Insulting Meryl Streep >>
* Mexico says there’s still ‘no way’ it will pay for Donald Trump’s wall after his flip flop >>

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