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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 5 January 2017

* Anti-surveillance clothing aims to hide wearers from facial recognition >>
* Scientists confirm a ‘new’ human organ >>
* A Stomach Grown In A Petri Dish Could Help Scientists Understand Our Guts >>

* This selfie-drone recognizes, finds and auto-records its owner >>
* PowerRay drone can track fish underwater – and even drag your hook to them >>
* Artificial Intelligence, Automation, and the Economy; Executive Office of the President December 2016 >>

* Hisense’s laser projector promises a 100-inch 4K screen for $13k >>
* HDMI’s new spec improves 8K, HDR and gaming >>
* LG’s new touchscreen refrigerator gets an assist from Amazon Alexa >>

* Asus’ Crazy New Phone Takes 92-Megapixel Photos >>
* LG at CES 2017: Everything you need to know >>

* LG unveils smart home robots, Wi-Fi appliances, and ultra-thin TV >>
* Improved AI Means LG’s New Robovac Goes Around Furniture, But Tells Humans to Move >>

* NASA just announced it will probe a dead planet’s core >>
* Radical wall mounted system can wirelessly ‘beam’ power to gadgets in your living room >>
* Physicists can’t agree on what the quantum world looks like >>

* Intel puts mobile chip failures in its past with first speedy 5G modem >>
* Intel’s Go supercomputer for cars points to a PC-like horsepower race >>
* Scientists Turn Memory Chips Into Processors To Speed Up Computing Tasks >>

* Here’s The ‘Flagship’ Electric Car That Faraday Future Promised, The FF 91 >>
* Following Qualcomm, Intel Announces 5G Modem For Phones And Self-Driving Cars >>

* Hyundai’s Exo-Skeleton Makes Everyone an Iron Man >>
* What the Snapdragon 835 Chip Means For Your Next Smartphone >>
* The golden age of reality TV is already here >>

* Radio Bursts Traced to Faraway Galaxy, but Caller Is Probably ‘Ordinary Physics’ >>
* NASA TV to Livestream “Next Big Robotic Solar-System Missions” –Today 4 PM ET (VIEW HERE) >>
* “Window On the Cosmos” –China’s World-Changing Chang’e-4 Mission to the Far Side of the Moon (VIEW VIDEO) >>

* Samsung Invents a New Kind of Flexible Foldable Display that they refer to as the ‘Variable Curvature Display’ >>
* Squishy Clockwork Biobot Could Dose You With Drugs from the Inside >>
* Designing Medical Devices with Multiphysics Analysis >>

* 5G will start deployments in 2018 and what expectations should be for real world speeds >>
* CES 2017: The Year of Voice Recognition >>
* 2017: The year of the tune-in economy >>

* Tesla’s Gigafactory starts mass producing battery cells >>
* AT&T Plans 5G Network Trial for DirecTV Customers >>
* Dell, Alienware Unveil New Blazing-fast Gaming Notebooks >>

* Sunsets, Clouds Spin Past in Astronaut’s Stunning Video of Earth from Space >>
* NASA Unveils 2 New Missions to Study Truly Strange Asteroids >>
* Mysterious Fast Radio Burst’s Extragalactic Host Pinpointed | Video >>

* Control a Set of Blinds With an Amazon Echo Using a Raspberry Pi >>
* Electric Fields Fight Deadly Brain Tumors >>
* CES brings smart brush, remote, fridge and odd cyborg >>

* A connected cooktop could keep you from burning breakfast >>
* Harman’s Ignite platform helps your car talk to your house >>
* AI and the future of design: What will the designer of 2025 look like? >>

* Smart pet collar is like an iPhone for your dog >>
* Virtual reality ‘shoes’ are here and they’re as weird as they sound >>
* 3-D antibody arrays offer better sensing >>

* Here’s a smart hairbrush with a built-in microphone from Withings and L’Oreal >>
* NASA will resume testing its Hubble successor this month >>
* Helia’s smart light bulbs are like Apple’s Night Shift but without the orange light >>

* Mobile 2017: 76 Predictions On The Future Of Mobile From Influencers And Industry VIPs >>
* Kuri home robot can read to your kids and watch your home >>
* 2017 Is All About Microsoft Scorpio Vs. Nintendo Switch >>

* How Long Will Earth Be Able To Sustain Life? >>
* How to Control Aging >>
* America’s invisible ‘hurricane shield’ revealed: Researchers find crosswinds and cooler coastal conditions form a protective barrier >>

* Nasa detects TWO space rocks heading towards Earth >>
* The VR simulator that could turn you into a SUPERHERO: Hypersuit uses a movable ‘exoskeleton’ for virtual flight >>
* The self-flying M*A*S*H air ambulance that could replace medivac choppers set to enter service in 2020 >>

* This wallpaper TV came back from the future to save movie night >>
* This Carnival wearable will replace your keys, wallet on cruise ships >>
* This device makes your trash can smart, because why not it’s 2017 >>

* ‘Alien’ radio signals are coming from a neutron star in a galaxy far, far away >>
* Titanic Sank Due To Raging Fire That Damaged The Hull Before It Hit Iceberg, Researcher Claims >>
* Implantable microrobots: Innovative manufacturing platform makes intricate biocompatible micromachines >>

* With the Concept-i, Toyota remembers people actually like driving >>
* LG’s new OLED TVs are so thin they have to be wall mounted >>
* Gap And Google Just Showed Us How AR Shopping Will Work >>

* Footage From A Drone Flying Up A Mountain Ridge Is One Of The Most Stunning Drone Videos We’ve Ever Seen >>

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