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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 4 January 2017

* Student invents laser beam printing technology >>
* Your next home security system could deploy patrol drones >>
* Oh hey, they have smart hairbrushes now >>

* Motiv crammed a full fitness tracker into a ring >>
* The world’s new largest flash drive is the 2TB Kingston DataTraveler Ultimate GT >>
* The Kolibree smart toothbrush uses AI to help you clean your mouth >>

* You Can Pre-Heat This Shower From Your Smartphone While You’re Still in Bed >>
* How to Make Your Own Sonic Tractor Beam at Home >>
* Mayfield Robotics Announces Kuri, a $700 Mobile Home Robot >>

* LG’s new 4K TVs employ ‘nano cells’ for better color accuracy >>
* NASA just released its incredibly cool concept for houses on Mars >>
* CRISPR ‘Kill’ Switch Could Make Human Gene Editing Safer >>

* NASA Plans to Build a Gigantic Space Telescope from 2 Tiny CubeSats >>
* Can a gel made with you own blood heal chronic leg wounds? Patients’ own DNA can help kickstart repair mechanisms in the body >>
* How Stress Can Make You Stronger, According to Science >>

* CES 2017 – a router Alexa can command >>
* CES 2017- Meet Kuri a new kind of personal robot >>
* CES 2017: AR, VR, and IoT will be hot, 3D Printing Not >>

* Amazon is putting its Alexa virtual assistant inside TVs >>
* A theory that challenges Newton’s and Einstein’s gravity and nixes dark matter passed its first test >>
* Here’s What Happens to Tech in 2017 (Unless 2016 Was All a Dream) >>

* CES 2017: Complete Coverage of the Best Emerging Tech >>
* Netflix beat out the TV giants to have the most popular show of 2016, according to a research company >>
* Why Deep Learning Needs Assembler Hackers >>

* Lenovo’s AR wearable picks up where Google Glass left off >>
* Dish’s AirTV Player combines 4K Android TV streaming with free over-the-air channels >>
* Hyundai links up with Google Assistant for car voice commands >>

* LeEco’s smart bicycles with Android OS will be hard to steal >>
* Official Intel 7th-gen Kaby Lake Review: One big change makes up for smaller ones >>
* Internet Of Things (IoT) Outlook For 2017 >>

* 7 AI trends to watch in 2017 >>
* Lenovo Enters The Smart Home, Gets Aggressive In Gaming, AR And Premium X1 Line At CES 2017 #CES2017 >>
* Lenovo built its own Amazon Echo for some reason >>

* America’s Scientists Are Terrified by Trump >>
* Why Scientists Want Trump to Stick to the Iran Nuclear Deal >>
* CES 2017: Screens, Drones And VR On The Horizon >>

* Rogue Two >>
* You’ll need to take out a loan to buy this huge gaming laptop >>
* Lenovo’s new VR headset is coming, and it’ll cost less than $400 >>

* E Ink produces an HDTV-sized ePaper display >>
* It Turns Out That Your Dogs Can Definitely Laugh >>

* The ultimate cord cutting box? $129 AirTV gadget shows live TV and online shows >>
* MIT study says 3,000 ride-sharing cars could replace every cab in New York City >>

* “The Glowing Nebula” –First 1900 Photo of the Andromeda Galaxy (VIEW VIDEO) >>
* NASA Proposes “Mars Ice Dome” for Future Manned Missions >>
* Spacex Finds Failure Cause, Announces Sunday Jan. 8 As Target For Falcon 9 Flight Resumption >>

* Do YOU have the angry gene? Scientists discover why some women are more prone to PMT >>
* Why the ‘good ones’ always seem to be taken: Women are more attracted to men with beautiful girlfriends >>

* The terrifying power of mega tsunamis: Video reveals how a wave could wipe out the ENTIRE east coast of the US – but it’s unlikely to happen >>
* Akonia Uses Holography To Create Transparent Augmented Reality Display >>
* Conspiracy theorist claims mysterious planet Nibiru will smash into Earth and the world will end in October 2017 >>

* ODG Debuts Two New AR Glasses Aimed At Consumer Market >>
* Hubblo Announces 360-Degree VR Camera That Makes Streaming 4K In 3D Portable >>
* Wireless Rift and Vive Add-On KwikVR Set To Debut At CES >>

* Field in View: 5 Big VR Questions I Can’t Wait To Answer In 2017 >>
* Dell put a GTX 1050 GPU in a $799 gaming laptop >>

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