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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 3 January 2017

* Fridges and washing machines could be vital witnesses in murder plots >>
* Robots could hire and fire staff at world’s largest hedge fund >>
* Dinosaurs became extinct because they could not hatch quickly enough >>

* TrackR’s home-mapping plugs help you pinpoint lost items >>
* Wi-Fi Expands with .11ax at CES >>
* The 10 Movies We’re Most Looking Forward to in 2017 >>

* 17 Audacious Predictions For 2017 >>
* 2017: The year you’ll never have to talk to another human again >>
* What to expect at CES 2017 >>

* Japanese White-Collar Workers Are Already Being Replaced by Artificial Intelligence >>
* MIT: Carpooling services could replace most NYC cabs >>

* SpaceX Plans to Return to Flight Next Week >>
* Chaos Monkeys: Obscene Fortune and Random Failure in Silicon Valley >>
* HPE’s New Chip Marks a Milestone in Optical Computing >>

* MIT precisely separates the atoms of bose einstein condensate for more precise measurements >>
* Robotic ride sharing electric vehicles should create a perfect storm for accelerated elimination of combustion vehicle usage by 2030s >>
* SpaceX Says It’s Ready to Launch Rockets Again >>

* Real-Time Earth Observatories –‘New Kind of Science Uncovers Secrets of Our Planet’ >>
* The future of work is over, and it’s not good news >>
* Tech Kiwis can expect in 2017 >>

* Robots that hire and fire staff could soon be employed by the world’s largest hedge fund in bid to improve efficiency >>
* No wonder the dinosaurs died out: They were vulnerable for the SIX MONTHS it took them to get out of their eggs when they were born >>

* Scientists solve the riddle of dinner party angst: The average person can’t cope with more than four conversations at once >>
* NASA has big plans for 2017 >>

* 11 space-saving workout accessories to make the most out of your home gym >>
* 2016 Was the Year Silicon Valley’s Hype Machine Sputtered >>
* This Is the Year Donald Trump Kills Net Neutrality >>

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