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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 22 December 2016

* China says tests successful of Propellentless EMDrive on Tiangong 2 space station >>
* Using graphene to detect brain cancer cells >>
* World’s first spintronics-based artificial intelligence >>

* Chang’e 3 Lunar 360 panorama: Lander Terrain Camera >>
* Second Life’s creator is building a ‘WordPress for social VR’ >>

* France is the first to use drones for its national mail service >>
* Documents suggest Palantir could help power Trump’s ‘extreme vetting’ of immigrants >>

* A top futurist predicts driverless cars will kill at least 128 different jobs >>
* Unity CEO Predicts Progress But Not ‘Explosive Growth’ For VR in 2017 >>
* Why Did Obama Just Honor Bug-free Software? >>

* Relive 15 Years of Earthquakes in Four Mesmerizing Minutes >>
* This smart exoskeleton could help paraplegics walk again >>
* Peter Thiel pushes for commercial space flight in Trump’s NASA >>

* NIST Device for Detecting Subatomic-Scale Motion Has Potential Robotics, Homeland Security Applications >>
* A Japanese Startup Will Try to Land on the Moon Next Year >>
* The Hibernation Science In ‘passengers’ Is Not Far From Reality >>

* A surgeon put on Snapchat’s Spectacles to record a hernia operation >>
* New Evidence Threatens To Crush The Dreams Of Alien Megastructures >>
* Artificial Intelligence Pioneers: Peter Norvig, Google >>

* Uber losses expected to hit $3 billion in 2016 despite revenue growth >>
* What People Really Want from Customer Service >>
* The Biggest Tech Trends From China To Watch Out For In 2017 >>

* BMW to open a new autonomous driving development center near Munich >>
* Mark Zuckerberg reports on his year building A.I. for his home >>
* Top artificial intelligence stories of 2016 >>

* Why Isn’t Voice Recognition Software More Accurate? >>
* Microsoft Invents a Device Authentication System that Combines a ‘Slide to Unlock’ Feature with a Finger Print Scanner >>
* Why Humans Develop Sex Cells as Embryos–but Corals Don’t >>

* Seahorses’ Genome Explains Why They Are So Weird >>
* ‘Super Mario Run’ speeds past App Store records >>
* 20 New TV Shows You Should Watch in 2017 >>

* How Powdered Blood Could Revolutionize Medicine >>
* ‘Doctor Who’ Christmas Special 2016: Season 10 Episode 1 – Everything You Need To Know >>
* The long term jobs killer is not china its-automation >>

* Graphene able to transport huge currents on the nanoscale >>
* Eliezer Yudkowsky on Politics – Part 1 >>
* 20 years ago Apple re-hired Steve Jobs by buying his struggling startup for $400 million >>

* It Doesn’t Cost Much To Have A Decent Society >>
* ‘Mars Ice Home’: Team Chips Away at Off-Earth House’s Design >>
* Only Makes Sense that Spacex would use Raptor Engines for upgrading Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy >>

* Stanford’s First Hacking for Diplomacy Class Takes On Refugee Crisis, Radicalization, Space Debris >>
* How to enable soft robots to better mimick biological motions >>
* Researchers at Japan Tokai University found a room temperature Superconductor with critical temperature near the melting point of Tin >>

* India passes UK to become the fifth largest economy on a nominal GDP basis >>
* Carbon Nanotubes Make Aerospace Composites Conductive >>
* ‘Pregnancy fluid’ reverses aging bones >>

* Should Engineers Start Thinking Like Field Biologists? >>
* The Biggest Space Race Milestones of 2016 >>

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