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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 21 December 2016

* Mark Zuckerberg’s new Home AI video >>
* Brittle bone breakthrough: Cells from pregnant women can be used to treat osteoporosis >>
* Watch a human-carrying drone lift a snowboarder off a mountain >>

* LG’s Full HD laser projector is bright enough for daytime use >>
* Superflex’s robot suit is meant to help mobilize aging populations >>

* Scientists detect a quantum crystal of electrons and “watch” it melt >>
* Artificial intelligence can predict a woman’s personality, say researchers >>

* Japan successfully launches radical solid fuel rocket that could cut launch costs by a third >>

* What did you say? Our brains fill in the gaps to keep the conversation going through loud party noise >>
* Think chimpanzees are kind? Think again: The great apes are selfish and do not share our altruistic tendencies >>

* Batteries Need to Get Big—Like, Enormous—for Solar Power to Shine >>
* Voice Is the Next Big Platform, and Alexa Will Own It >>
* Manufacturing Jobs Aren’t Coming Back >>

* Cern uses lasers to analyze antimatter >>
* Revolutionary engine maker Liquid Piston seeks commercialization for 40HP engine that will be 30 lbs instead of conventional 2700 lbs for diesel >>

* Digitally Unequal >>
* Bladerunner 2049 teaser trailer >>
* Longer lasting superconducting qubits created >>

* The Most Forward-Looking Gadgets I Tried In 2016 >>
* Let’s Take a Second to Think About the Rogue One That Almost Was >>
* 2016: The Year VR Didn’t Meet Expectations, Sort Of >>

* Artificial Feathers Let Drones Morph Their Wings Like Birds >>
* NASA Presses Ahead With Asteroid Mission Despite ESA Funding Decision >>
* China’s Hunt for Signals From the Dark Universe >>

* Colossal Jet-Stream of Molten Iron as Hot as the Sun Revealed Revealed by X-Ray Satellite Flowing Under Alaska and Siberia >>
* Spectrum Of Antimatter Observed For First Time >>
* Bizarre Antimatter Emits Same Light As Regular Matter >>

* CERN Discovery –“We’re One Step Closer to Illuminating Mystery of the Big Bang” >>
* Milky-Way-Like Galaxies of the Early Universe –“Were Smaller, Hyper-Star Generating Objects” >>
* Cellular reprogramming turns back the aging clock in mice >>

* Can Reproduction Be Ageless? >>
* Tickle Experiments Reveal What A Happy Rat Looks Like >>
* Facebook’s Instant Verification app login platform replaces two-factor where SMS fails >>

* How VR Is Starting To Become Our Reality In 2017 >>
* Honda’s next-gen Clarity hydrogen cars land in California >>
* 11 Stock Picks In The $80 Billion Virtual Reality Market >>

* Sex robots could reveal your secret perversions: Handing over intimate data is a privacy risk, warns expert >>
* Bizarre robot ‘lips’ let you kiss long-distance lovers from anywhere in the world >>

* The $2500 holographic ‘girlfriend’ that can double as a virtual PA >>
* Heres How Experts Can Rebuild Trust In The Post Truth Era >>
* Hunting Dark Matter between the Ticks of an Atomic Clock >>

* Antimatter Observed For The First Time, According To Report From Alpha Researchers [Video] >>
* Could an Earthquake ‘Invisibility Cloak’ Shield Buildings from Damage? >>
* Voice Is the Next Big Platform, and Alexa Will Own It >>

* Hands-on: TPCAST’s Wireless Vive Kit Really Works >>
* Build The Model Kits Of Your Dreams With ‘Monzo VR’ >>

* Mark Zuckerberg explains how he wrote his home AI >>
* Surprise: Mark Zuckerberg’s home is narrated by the voice of God >>
* ‘Life-changing’ routine injection to prevent millions breaking bones >>
* LG combines webOS, lasers, and lumens into another reason to replace your TV >>

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