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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 20 December 2016

* Becoming a mother may change the brain to read baby’s mind >>
* Antimatter atom trapped and measured with a laser for first time >>
* 25 predictions for 2017 >>

* Facebook Messenger just got a new feature you’ll actually want to use >>
* Researchers’ discovery of new verbal working memory architecture has implications for artificial intelligence >>
* One swab from the surface of your smartphone can tell scientists all about your lifestyle >>

* Transmitter tech opens the door to underwater radio >>
* Technology dispersion is accelerating >>
* How Did Music Get Its Groove? Scientists Made Rhythm Evolve In A Lab To Find Out. >>

* Motion-Planning Chip Speeds Robots >>
* Grail satellite analysis indicates lava tubes on the moon could be up to 1000 to 5000 meters wide which would be ideal sites for massive moon colonies >>
* Human Cells Eat Nanowires >>

* FOUR asteroids are set to make a ‘close approach’ to Earth on Wednesday >>
* New Galaxy S8 Leak Highlights Samsung’s Big Decision >>
* Creating Emotional Connections in a Global World >>

* Did China’s First Stealth Fighter Unit Just Go Operational? >>
* Sex Robots May Literally Fuck Us to Death >>
* This Towering 65-Foot Robot Arm Weighs Less Than a Puppy >>

* Computers Now Recognize Patterns Better Than Humans Can >>
* Should We Let Doctors-in-Training Be More Sleep-Deprived? >>
* Mark Zuckerberg experiment with Jarvis shows AI promise, limits >>

* The Biggest Scientific Discoveries of 2016 >>
* Finland Will Give Some Unemployed Citizens a Basic Income >>
* Watch the first official trailer for Blade Runner 2049 >>

* These augmented reality robots will turn your living room into a battlefield >>
* Can You Tell if These Objects Are Real or Rendered? >>
* Virtual dating simulator that teaches men how to pick up women is slammed for encouraging uninvited ‘touching’ >>

* Scientists find new front line in war of the sexes: How peeved partners take revenge by getting the shopping all wrong >>
* The world’s best hotels for spa breaks >>
* Donald Trump, Entertainer-in-Chief >>

* Driverless shuttle bus that can hold 15 people to start service by early 2017 >>
* NASA to Test Parachute-Like Exo-Brake Tech to Return Stuff from Space >>
* China’s Hunt for Signals From the Dark Universe >>

* BMW HoloActive Touch system with its free-floating display to be shown at CES >>
* Learning More about Outer System Planets >>
* ‘The Weird Dark Side of the Universe’ (VIEW) >>

* Research team sets new mark for ‘deep learning’ >>
* IBM’s Watson Turns Its Computer Brain to NASA Research >>
* New device for detecting subatomic-scale motion may aid robotics, homeland security >>

* Pregnancy Causes Lasting Changes in a Woman’s Brain >>
* Pregnancy Actually Re-wires Your Brain >>
* Physicists Pin Down Antimatter in Milestone Laser Test >>

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