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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 19 December 2016

* The Future 100: Trends and change to watch in 2017 >>
* Future of TV isn’t apps >>
* Elon Musk might start a literal “boring company” to tunnel under traffic >>

* Machine-Learning Software Scans Satellite Images to Find Hidden Poverty / >>
* Porn is about to get even more futuristic with live holograms >>
* Pitch-Aware Marmosets Provide New Model for Human Hearing >>

* Google Home’s new actions include food, news and more >>
* Quantum Satellites Are a Big Step toward the Unhackable Internet >>

* Fresh Ideas for Chasing Consciousness >>
* Satellite System Tracks Glaciers’ Flow in Real Time >>
* Black Phosphorus Enables Plasmonic Logic >>

* Oculus launches Rooms so you can ‘hang out’ with friends in VR >>
* Humans can now move complex robot arms just by thinking >>
* The 7 Unmissable Tech Predictions That Will Define 2017 >>

* Artificial intelligence tool can unearth bargain rugby players >>
* Find Cosmic-Blast Shields, Find the Aliens >>
* Next Entertainment wants to make it possible to live stream for a living >>

* Sensor System Offers Real-Time Control of Drug Levels in Blood >>
* Machine Learning Will Change What We Value >>
* Quicker Camera Chips Coming >>

* Deepmind AI targets Starcraft >>
* Intermittent expression of genes normally associated with an embryonic state reverses aging in mammals and enables mice to live 30 percent longer >>
* The Fourth Transformation >>

* Investigators Reveal Why Facebook’s Internet Drone Crashed: Wind >>
* To prevent another crash, Facebook’s solar drone will get an airbrake >>
* Last two finalists for Qualcomm Tricorder XPrize Could join forces to go to market >>

* This $30,000 Coffee Table Floats Like a Hoverboard >>
* Dwarf planet Ceres is ‘oozing’ with water >>
* The top 15 events that happened in space in 2016 >>

* Liquid Biopsy Chip Detects Metastatic Cancer Cells in a Drop of Blood >>
* This Chrome Extension Will Fact-Check Trump’s Tweets for You >>
* California’s Fight with Uber’s Self-Driving Car >>

* Samsung is working on a new Gear VR and AR tech >>
* The university debate – a place for passion or a ticket to a job? >>
* Gear VR gets social with Oculus Rooms and Parties >>

* Netflix’s Mysterious The OA Is Your Holiday Break Must-Binge >>
* Two Billion-Year-Old Water Found in Canadian Mine >>
* How To Survive The Great Whipped Cream Shortage Of 2016 >>

* Researchers Make an Obvious Discovery For Improving Drones >>
* The State Of Virtual Reality In 2016 >>
* Google Maps now notes if a location is wheelchair accessible >>

* Japanese firm unveils ‘virtual wife’ to battle loneliness >>
* Sylvester Stallone Under Consideration For Trump National Endowment For Arts Appointment >>
* Virtual Assistant Lets You Imprison Your Anime Girlfriend and Feel Loved >>

* When Will ‘Super Mario Run’ Come Out On Android? >>
* US Scientists Scramble To Protect Research On Climate Change >>
* This MIT robot shape-shifts into various gadgets in seconds >>

* The top biotech stories of 2016 >>
* Artificial intelligence finds its way into business through sales >>
* Health wearables + big data collection = bad news for your privacy >>

* Video Friday: 20-Meter Long Robot Arm, Amazon Drone Delivery, and Mars Rovers in Utah >>
* US Navy would ideally like 653 ships but new plan calls for minimum of 355 ships navy >>
* How Much Insulation Would You Need To Survive Winter In Antarctica? >>

* Words you need to know in 2017 >>
* Google wants to use naked mole rats to find the secret to slow aging >>
* Apollo 11 Moon Rock Bag Belongs to Buyer, Not NASA, Judge Rules >>

* Science News That Stuck with us in 2016 >>
* New Theory of Gravity as an Emergent Phenomena in the Cosmos –“First Tests Looks Interesting” >>
* James Webb Space Telescope Celebrated In Stunning New Video >>

* 24 mind-blowing facts about Warren Buffett and his $70 billion fortune >>
* You Can Hail A Self-driving Uber In San Francisco Starting Today >>
* Q&A: Get to the top of Google search results >>

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