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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 15 December 2016

* Researchers use machine learning to pull interest signals from readers’ brain waves >>
* Netflix Gets New Global Rival: Amazon Prime Video Now Available In Over 200 Countries >>

* New Galaxy S8 Leak Reveals Stunning Technology >>
* Google debuts new IoT platform: Android Things >>
* Make a Solar Powered Survival Water Filter Out of Two Water Bottles >>

* Who is Peter Thiel and why is he advising Donald Trump? >>
* Musk, Bezos arrive at Trump Tower for tech summit >>
* Trump Adds Elon Musk, Travis Kalanick And Indra Nooyi To Panel Dedicated To Job Growth >>
* Here’s What Happened When I Tried To Contact Peter Thiel About Trump And Today’s Tech Summit >>
* Dear President Trump: Here’s How to Make Space Great Again >>

* Amazon makes its first delivery by DRONE >>
* Are algorithms controlling humans? Data that reinforces our interests can make us narrow-minded, says expert >>

* Super Mario is coming to theme parks >>
* Back to the Future’s original dark twist is revealed >>

* NASA to test a tiny parachute for spacecraft re-entry in 2017 >>
* Biggest Tech Failures and Successes of 2016 >>
* When We Look Into Space, We See More Time Than We Can Comprehend >>

* SpaceX’s 1st Mars Mission Won’t Carry NASA Science Gear >>
* Samsung has been granted a Patent for their Most Elaborate Scrollable Display Device to Date >>
* The future of chatbots >>

* LIGO’s Discovery of Gravitational Waves –“May Upend General Relativity and Usher In a New Exotic Physics” >>
* OSIRIS-REx to Hunt for Earth ‘Trojans’ >>
* Honeycomb-like structure to trap dangerous gases >>

* NASA’s Curiosity Rover Discovers 1st Evidence That Points to Life-Habitable Water on Ancient Mars >>
* Hydraulic Pump Glitch Aborts Nasa’s Hurricane Microsat Fleet Launch To Dec. 14 – Live Coverage >>

* Who’s Liable for George Hotz’s Self-Driving Software? >>
* Google’s Self-Driving Car Graduates to Stand-Alone Business Status >>
* Hubble Watches Spinning Black Hole Swallow A Star >>

* Drones Take to the Skies to Screen for Methane Emissions >>
* Macaque monkeys have the anatomy for human speech, so why can’t they speak? >>
* US Air Force progresses on engineering challenges to enable 10-100 KW combat lasers on C130s and then fighter jets >>

* Antacid aerosol particles could cool the planet and repair ozone damage >>
* The Year’s Best Videos Starring Really, Really Small Things >>
* Here’s What Would Happen If a Giant Asteroid Struck the Ocean >>

* Monitor and Play With Your Pets From Anywhere With This $79 Petcube >>
* LG Expands Roll Out Of TV HDR Game Mode >>
* Harman/Kardon readies a Cortana-powered speaker >>

* Airbus’ Vahana VTOL project asks what vehicle makes for the best self-flying taxi >>
* Robot Baristas In London Will Serve Up Coffee, Oral Sex >>
* The World’s Most Powerful People 2016 >>

* Giant ‘rivers in the sky’ could cause more deadly floods and wipe out entire species, warn scientists >>
* Drones might be used for urban warfare in the future >>
* 19 crazy facts about Bill Gates’ $125 million mansion >>

* MovieBob Reviews: ROGUE ONE – A STAR WARS STORY >>
* How We Fell In Love With Our Voiceactivated Home Assistants >>
* The Polar Vortex Has Returned to North America >>

* Filmmakers and journalists ask camera companies to embrace encryption >>

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