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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 14 December 2016

* Future Today Institute’s 2017 Tech Trends Report >>
* Get ready to ‘Waymo’ a self-driving cab: Google creates new firm for its autonomous car technology >>
* Velodyne Says It’s Got a “Breakthrough” in Solid State Lidar Design >>

* Bill Gates Says Trump’s Ideas Are Like the Apollo Space Program >>
* Scientists Have a Crazy Plan to Nuke Deadly Asteroids Out of the Sky >>
* Synaptics’ new sensors point to button-free fingerprint readers >>

* Airbus’ New Jet Concept Features Swappable Spas and Cafes >>
* LeakSmart Sensor review: Emergency shutoff makes it worth a look >>
* DARPA wants your gaming tactics for its drone army >>

* A multi-material 3D printer that can create embedded circuit boards >>
* This super precise handwriting robot is so satisfying to watch >>
* What Makes Things Cool >>

* This car of the future comes with its own urban garden >>
* Loom.ai is building an avatar that can capture your personality >>
* ‘Super Mario Run’ On iOS Is Going To Be Huge >>

* Real-time motion capture system from Disney Research uses as few sensors as possible >>
* Robot glove reveals how our bodies are in sync >>

* China’s Huge, Eerie Tower Blocks That Will Soon House Millions >>

* ‘Internet of the road’: Government proposals call for ALL new cars to ‘talk’ wirelessly to each other to improve safety >>
* Future air conditioning could work by beaming heat into space >>
* Google’s Improbable Deal to Recreate the Real World in VR >>

* Robo-butlers, self-assembling made-to-order rooms and spa treatments based on DNA analysis: Inside the hotels of 2060 >>
* How SpaceX makes its rockets: Elon Musk tweets hypnotic ‘spinning fire’ video of giant nozzles taking shape >>
* Method ‘programs’ cement particles into tiny shapes >>

* A new surgery can give legally blind people 20/20 vision >>
* What Star Wars learned from its prequel problem >>
* Microsoft Ventures launches new fund for AI startups and backs Element AI incubator >>

* Quantum Gravity Research Could Unearth the True Nature of Time >>
* Tidal Disruption by Black Hole? >>
* StarTalk Radio –Exploring Alien Planets: “From Proxima b to ET Transmissions to Non-Carbon-Based Life” >>

* Reviewing Space developments in 2016 and the next big future in space >>
* LPP Fusion reviewed at Mars Conference >>
* Connected Cars USA 2017 >>

* Spacex efficiency and the efficiency of the Raptor engine >>
* Nvidia is the new Intel and its chips are used by most of the 3000 AI startups worldwide >>
* German Nuclear Fusion Stellerator operating with error rate of less than one in 100,000 >>

* University of Washington develops passive Wi-Fi that uses 10,000 times less power and should be commercially available by 2018-2019 >>
* Skype provides realtime language translation for nine languages works with skype, mobile phones and landlines >>

* If Genetically Modified Mosquitoes Freaked You Out, You Won’t Like What’s Coming >>
* Department of Energy Tells Trump to Go Screw Himself >>
* Spacex Won’t Launch Astronauts Until 2018 >>

* The Hospital Of The Future May Be A Tiny, High-tech Medical Kit >>
* Donald Trump’s Big Tech Summit Is All About Humiliation >>
* America’s First (And Perhaps Last) Offshore Wind Farm Is Finally Online >>

* Google spins out its self-driving car division >>
* IEEE puts out a first draft guide for how tech can achieve ethical AI design >>
* Microsoft To Bring Cortana To IoT Devices With Screens Next Year >>

* These Crazy Coin Stack Sculptures Seem Impossible >>
* What to Expect From Laurel Lance’s Mysterious Return on Arrow >>
* Surprise! Netflix’s Trippy New Metaphysical Drama Starts This Friday >>

* Smart Money: What to Look For Outside the Term Sheet >>
* Futurism, forecasting, and getting real about fake news >>
* Exclusive: ‘Balloon Chair Death Match’ Is Exactly What It Sounds Like, And It’s Awesome >>

* This tech generates realistic avatars from a single selfie >>
* Rogue One: Our Spoiler-free Star Wars Review >>
* Why a Post-Nuclear World Would Look Nothing Like “Mad Max” >>

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