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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 13 December 2016

* Spoiler Alert: Artificial Intelligence Can Predict How Scenes Will Play Out >>
* Bill Gates teams up to lead a $1 BILLION venture to tackle climate change >>
* Skype translations now work with calls to phone lines >>

* Technology leaders will meet with Trump on Wednesday in New York >>
* Ingestible Robots Perform Surgery from Inside the Body >>

* The robot with a human touch: Optical sensors allow a machine hand to sense subtle shapes and textures >>
* Nasa and Stephen Hawking to launch a ‘self-healing’ starship that could find a habitable planet within 20 YEARS >>
* A few Magnets with controllable voltages could replace millions of lasers for large scale trapped ion quantum computers >>

* Drugs Make Cellular Changes That Could Significantly Extend Healthy Human Life Spans. Is 100 the New 80? >>
* Cracking Arrival-like alien languages is gaming’s new frontier >>
* Netflix VR comes to Google Daydream >>

* How to reprogram stem cells into motor neurons >>
* The hypersonic concept jet that could travel from London to New York in two hours via SPACE >>
* Thermoelectric paint generates electricity from almost any heat source >>

* Facebook launches Live 360 video from NatGeo now, everyone next year >>
* Soft Robot Hand Brings a Gentle Touch to the Future >>
* Twitch uses machine learning to moderate your stream chats >>

* Cray and Microsoft accelerate deep learning training to minutes instead of weeks >>
* Wanted: In-flight Drone Charging, Itty-Bitty Spy Cams, and More >>
* A New Model for Investing in Energy Innovation >>

* Life on ‘Earth 2.0’ may be wiped out by SUPER FLARES >>
* See the most vertically agile robot jump around >>
* Have humans killed off ice ages? >>

* Brain tests predict children’s futures >>
* Million-Year-Old ‘Hero Bug’ Emerges From Cave >>
* Netflix and Amazon secure 17 Golden Globe nominations >>

* Quantum Gravity Research Could Unearth the True Nature of Time >>
* If Trump Abandons the TPP, China Will Be the Biggest Winner >>
* A Stronger, Faster Predator Drone Could Soon Prowl Europe’s Airspace >>

* Surge in methane could derail our climate change goals and needs ‘urgent attention’, warn scientists >>
* FaceTime, Skype, Google? Best app to call grandma >>

* Nasa and Stephen Hawking are working on a nano-starship that can travel 1/5th the speed of light >>
* Glimpsing Our Solar System’s Future >>
* Extinction-Level Superflares May Blast Earth’s Nearest Exoplanet Proxima b >>

* 2017 Predictions For AI, Big Data, IoT, Cybersecurity, And Jobs From Senior Tech Executives >>
* Seven Things Neuroscientists Know That Most People Don’t >>
* Game Of Thrones Season 7 trailer >>

* We’ve Spotted Cloudy Weather On A Giant Exoplanet >>
* Bill Gates will lead a new $1 billion fund for breakthroughs in Energy >>
* Star Wars Is and Always Has Been Political >>

* How To Prepare Your Kids For Jobs That Don’t Exist Yet >>
* How to Turn a USB Stick into an Ultra Portable PC >>
* Playing Lemmings on the MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar Almost Justifies the Upgrade >>

* The Map That Lets You Listen to the Radio Everywhere >>
* The Best Voice Recording App for iPhone >>
* Тhis cardboard house is designed to last a century, but only takes a day to assemble >>

* 2016 the-year-in-digg >>
* It’s Really Hard to Make Money with Virtual Reality Games >>
* Community Download: What Will Happen To VR In 2017 and Beyond? >>

* Pixvana’s New Spin Studio Wants To Be Your 360-Degree Video Editing Suite >>
* This Audi knows when the light’s going to change >>

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