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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 9 December 2016

* Tech’s biggest battle yet is for your time >>
* Scientists manipulated mice to make them lose track of time >>
* Unity poaches Uber’s machine learning head to tackle AI in AR/VR >>

* The Pessimist’s Guide to 2017 >>
* Artificial Intelligence Is More Artificial Than Intelligent >>

* Photonic Chip Boosts Exoplanet Detection >>
* ‘Fluffy’ Seeds Grow Into Baby Planets >>
* Blue Origin’s Giant Rocket Facility is Taking Shape in Florida >>

* Ep. 430: Coming Home from Mars, Part 2 >>
* Trump Meeting Puts Nasa Funding In Question >>
* Greenland’s 8-Million-Year-Old Ice Sheet 4 Times the Size of California –“Can Raise Global Sea Level by 20 Feet” >>

* NASA: Cassini Spacecraft Sends New Images of Hexagon On Verge of Skimming Saturn’s Rings >>
* Saturn’s Weird Hexagon Seen Through Multiple Filters, Set To Techno | Video >>

* Astro Teller, Captain of Moonshots at X, on the Future of AI, Robots, and Coffee Makers >>
* Nanotero raises another $21 million to commercialize nanotube memory >>
* Thin film nanocrystal from Australia could make thin as glass night vision goggles that do not need external power >>

* A machine-learning system that trains itself by surfing the web >>
* Pearl Harbor 75th Anniversary >>
* Microwave oil recovery could unlock trillions of barrels of oil and drinkable water from Oil shale and oil sands >>

* Biotech Trial of the Century Could Determine Who Owns CRISPR >>
* These Dinosaur Feathers Trapped in Amber Are Ridiculously Cool >>

* Giraffes Are Headed Toward Extinction >>
* Neuroscientists use neurofeedback to erase fear in the brain >>
* AT&T Is Full of Shit >>

* This Dude Can Make a Basketball Spin on Damn Near Anything >>
* New Device Would Use Electricity To Plug Gushing Wounds >>
* Japan Is Concerned That 2020 Olympics Visitors Will Be Confused by Their Emojis >>

* The Genetic Factors That Determine How Much Muscle You Can Build >>
* President Reif calls for renewed national commitment to support basic science >>
* Google now lets developers write apps for the Assistant on Google Home >>

* Design Your Employee Experience as Thoughtfully as You Design Your Customer Experience >>
* The next version of Bluetooth wireless tech is supercharged >>
* HBO NOW opens up shop in VR on Google Daydream, Netflix coming soon >>

* Google’s Daydream VR just got some new games: Here’s how they rank >>
* Windows 10 preview lets Cortana play music, turn off your PC >>
* Microsoft has big plans for VR and AR in 2017 >>

* Light’s multi-lens L16 camera gets wider aperture but longer wait >>
* NSA, GCHQ Have Been Intercepting In-Flight Mobile Calls For Years >>
* Drones can safely carry blood bags >>

* Microsoft’s latest Windows 10 test build adds more Cortana voice control for PCs >>
* Getty Images: Visual Trends 2017 >>
* Bluetooth 5’s faster, longer-ranged wireless is here >>

* Printable electronics; New stamping technique creates functional features at nanoscale dimensions. >>
* Trakz is a Fitbit with GPS tracking technology for your dog or cat >>
* Humans may temporarily FORGET how to steer properly when self-driving cars hand them back control >>

* Why Exercise May Be the Best Fix for Depression >>
* Avatar breakthrough as AI that can create a perfect 3D face from a single picture is revealed >>
* The future of flying: NASA tests radical new embedded jet engine that could make ‘double bubble’ eco friendly aircraft a reality >>

* ‘Pokémon Go’ is turning Starbucks stores into stops >>
* ‘Super Mario’ makes his run at the smartphone market >>
* This 1,000-horsepower Aston Martin hypercar will be made almost entirely of carbon fiber and titanium >>

* Daily hour of yoga lowers blood pressure >>
* In a Netflix world, it’s the second season of a TV show that matters most >>

* The Gadget Apocalypse Is Upon Us >>
* NYC will stop retaining data that could identify immigrants under Trump administration >>

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